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Children's Party Guide - Inviting Children To A Party

February 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

Essential tips for birthday parties include knowing when to schedule the party and how to invite children to it. Use the guidelines below to make your experience seem effortless.

How Many Kids?

Often kids with birthdays coming up want to ask to the party friends from school, cousins, neighbourhood children and teammates - for starters. How many children will you invite? Weigh two important factors, your budget and your sanity. What size of party can you reasonably afford, and what's your tolerance for mayhem? Expensive parties aren't necessarily better.

The Party Location

Having a party at home is convenient and saves a room rental fee. Home parties can be messy, though. Community centres and party halls have the advantage that after the fun time is over, you don't have to reorganize the house.

Let the children play in a space that's their own but is observed by parents. Watchful eyes are helpful for crowd control and early intervention. An outdoor location is a good choice for large groups of children, summer and winter. In parks, reserve a picnic site with a shelter so that your celebration is not ruined by a bit of rain. If your party can't go ahead in inclement weather, add a rain date on the invitation.

What Time and How Long?

For little ones who have to consider nap-time, morning parties are excellent. For older kids, afternoon parties are superb. Becoming very popular are evening events. The later hours don't faze the children, and when the party is over, it's bedtime.

As children grow up, their stamina for fun increases. The littlest ones are best satisfied by an hour's fun. Children from ages 4-7 like 90 minutes, and older kids are happy with two hours.

Many kids' parties, especially 1st birthdays, are big reunions of family and friends lasting three or more hours. If your party is similar, create a steady stream of fun activities for the youngsters.

What To Put On the Invite

Occasion. The top of the invitation is where to put the party's purpose, e.g., Jennifer's 7th Birthday Party. Follow the title with the date, the time and the location.

Location. Give sufficient details about the party's location. If it's your house, give your street address. If the party is somewhere else, put its name, e.g., Acton Community Centre, and its street address.

Time. An event that requires prompt arrival, like going to to the cinema, benefits from having the word "sharp" added to the time. Giving an end time is essential if parents are dropping off and picking up their kids. If you want a parent to be with their child during the party, put it on the invitation.

Special Mention. If particular clothing is required for the party, like a swimsuit, put it on the invitation. If you're serving a meal, let parents know to help them organize their day.

RSVP. An RSVP is important for your party preparations. Not knowing how many kids are coming can result in waste and anxiety. Give an RSVP deadline approximately a week before the party. Make the way to reply perfectly clear for busy people, e.g., RSVP by August 9 to Martin at [phone number] or [email address].

Sending the Cards and Following Up

The envelope should be addressed to the child being asked, e.g. Sally Jones. If family members are invited as well, include them in the address, e.g., Sally Jones & Family. Mail your invitations three weeks prior to the party.

When the RVSP date passes, telephone anyone who hasn't answered. Find out if their child will be able to attend. Some of the non-responders will be planning to come. On this call, you may be asked about a good choice of gift; offer a few of your child's favourite pastimes.

A few days in advance of the birthday celebration, send an email reminder to your confirmed guests. Hyperlink the party address to an online map.

You can get more information about how to organize a kids' birthday party by visiting

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