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Eliminate Mold In Bath Toy Storage

June 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

As your children grow older, bath time has probably evolved into one of their favorite times of the day. Finding room to store their toys in the bathroom can be challenging because lets face it, for most of us there is less room in our bathrooms to store things than in any other spot in our homes. Finding the right types of storage is easy but there is one thing most parents tend to forget about. That would be mildew and mold. People often times don't realize how quickly it can build up and form on the inside of toys or on the storage bins themselves. That's why it is imperative to eliminate mold in your bath toy storage and keep your kids' toys clean.

In order to prevent something from happening we need to know how it gets there in the first place. Mold forms on bath toys when they aren't dried properly or are left to sit in water at the bottom of a storage bin. All though this mold doesn't really have any severe health risks that you should be worrying about, it's gross and once your kids figure out it's there they probably won't want to use those particular toys anymore. Allowing the bath toys and what they are kept in to dry properly is the key to eliminating this unsightly mold from forming in the first place.

Store bath toys where they are able to properly drain. A very common way of doing this is to let them dry off inside of a mesh bag or inside a crate of some sort that allows air to enter and exit. Proper airflow is a big factor in things drying the right way. There are a vast number of bins or "scoops" you can buy that will be a great fix for this problem. Most of them will even catch the eye of your child making it an item they want to include in their bath just as much as their own toys.

Avoid keeping toys in buckets or other things where the water can collect on the bottom and soak the toys. When this happens it will only be a matter of days before this disgusting mold starts to form all over everything your child is using. This mold is definitely something we don't want floating around in the tub and getting all over our kids.

This doesn't mean you have to hand dry every toy in between baths, but make sure you empty out water that may still be inside a rubber ducky and other such toys. Always remember this - No matter what option you choose, if the toys don't dry properly, you wont be happy with any product you bring home. The most effective solution is one which allows toys to dry and successfully stores them in between baths.

If you are interested in learning more about bath toy storage please visit us at

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