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Educational Toys for Toddlers

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 101

When you try to keep up with toddlers the whole day, you will likely to lose the energy even to cook dinner for the family. The trick is, after you are done with pretend plays with running around while screaming your whole lungs out, try to give them a toy to wind down their energy after that strenuous activity. You do not have to feel guilty and all because there are lots of toys in the market that will help your child boost his intelligence. Here are some:

1. Stack and Surprise Blocks

Building blocks will help your child develop his problem solving skill. Help him during the first attempts as he might feel frustrated but let him do it on his own eventually. The more colorful building blocks are, the more it could attract your child's attention.

2. Kitchen Play

If you want to prep your little girl that mommy has to go to the kitchen to cook the family's dinner, get her a kitchen play for herself. She's love to also make the mashed potatoes for your steak. They would love to pretend that they are all grown up and that they are taking care of the household. It might also develop their liking to cooking.

3. Dolls

Get your little girl to play doll. Help her pretend that she is the mommy for the day. It will develop her compassion and caring towards other people. Develop her responsibility through baby doll feeding and nappy changing.

4. Puzzles

Start with the big ones. You do not want to frustrate your child with more complicated puzzles. Stick with the ones appropriate with his age. He will be able to develop his problem solving skill and wait to light up his face when he was able to solve his first puzzle.

5. Lego

Lego is an all-time favorite. Increase your child's creativity by letting them make figures and designs out of their new set of Lego toy. You might be surprise how far they will be able to stretch their creativity.

6. Wooden Toys

Yes it is still in. If you fear lead in plastic toys, they you can still have a go on the classic wooden toys. They last long and unbreakable. You can buy them in different shapes and letters. Your baby can also make structures out of different shapes. It will definitely boost your child's mental capacity.

7. Sand and Water Toys

Let your kid go out and feel the sun kiss them. Bring them in the park or in the beach to play with the sands. Teach them to build sand castles and different structures to let their imagination wander.

As parents, we want to give our kids whatever could make them happy. Toys are what they would always want after you introduce them with their first building blocks. But it is also important to be watchful and critical when you buy toys for your kids because we do not want to compromise their safety while letting them boost their imagination and intelligence.

Isabel is full-time mom and a breast-feeding advocate, writer and blogger who believes that responsible parenting is the key for the child's development. You can checkout her website at

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