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Child Beauty Pageants? Just Plain Ugly!

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

I admit to enjoying (?) the odd episode of "Toddlers and Tiara's." It was fascinating and despite the fact it made me uncomfortable and occasionally disturbed, I couldn't look away!

I have to say, I'm proud of many Australian mothers who took the time to make a stand against child beauty pageants in response to its attempted introduction into Australian culture.

The unfortunate reality though, is that child beauty pageants are just an extreme example of what is already happening to our children. The sexualisation, the objectification and the encouragement of materialism and superficiality are occurring daily. Most of the time we don't realise it or understand our role in enabling it.

Some of us who are truly outraged at the idea would also be outraged if we realized how much sexualisation of little girls we allow in our everyday lives and how much we encourage them to place (greater than necessary) value on their appearance.

How are our girls being sexualized?

Basically, because our culture is sexualized. Our kids are bombarded with sexual images everyday when they walk through a shopping mall, when they look out the window in the car, when they glance at the TV when we're watching the news and moreso, if they're allowed to watch commercial TV.. They also learn from us and what they see us value and place importance upon. They are yet to understand what it truly means to be 'sexual' but by age 6, little girls already believe that being fat is ugly and being thin is beautiful and that nice clothes have something to do with getting attention and feeling good.

But what is concerning is not only is it sexualizing them, it's teaching them that superficiality and materialism are a significant and acceptable part of everyday life.

Surely, we want more for our kids!

We love to comment when we see a child wearing a cute jacket or pretty dress because let's face it, kid's clothes are pretty darn cute! But I wonder what message this is really sending to little people.

Already young children are aware that looking good often receives adult approval, attention and compliments and through that, they learn to place value on what they look like. Of course, children may receive compliments for a variety of things but often the first thing we say to another child is "don't you look cute!" or "what a gorgeous jacket!" and when we do so, we reinforce the idea that what they look like or what they wear matters.

What can we do to stop this?

I have a beautiful, wise friend who is the most humble person I know. She quite honestly places no value on beauty or clothing, truly believing that the way to teach her kids to understand their true value is to set an example herself. One thing that she does consciously is take the emphasis off what other people look like. Rather than saying "You look nice" as the first thing you say to a friend - you just don't say anything. When we continually compliment people on what they look like we reinforce the concept to others (and ourselves) that appearance is highly valuable. It also makes us more likely to notice what other people look like or wear.

So, I started to try this. I stopped complimenting friends on what they looked like and tried to find other ways to compliment and encourage them. I began to notice a huge change in myself. I quite honestly stopped noticing what other people were wearing because I stopped placing a value on it. When a friend commented that she'd noticed I'd become particularly attached to one of my tops I felt completely shocked. I would have had no idea if someone had worn the same top for days in a row because it was suddenly unimportant and dis-interesting to me. It made me realize how superficial I had been and how desperately I didn't want to be like that.

Sexualisation, materialism and superficiality are ingrained in our culture and something that won't change unless we as parents, recognize it and change ourselves.

I think it's time we make a stand and teach our children to value themselves for who they are. We need to place the focus on their character, their kindness, their sweetness, their generosity, their sense of humour, and to some extent their unique gifts and abilities. We have to learn to go against the flow of our culture to teach our children the RIGHT places to draw their worth and value.

It's about awakening our consciousness and and desiring something deeper and more authentic for ourselves, and ultimately, our kids.

So, what do I think of child beauty pageants? They're just plain ugly.

For more information about the seuxalisation of young girls and the influence of the media and advertising visit

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