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The Metaphysical Nature of Personal Histories

June 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 208

Most of us take the past to be a relatively simple matter. We see our personal histories as sequential events. These are lodged in our memory banks for all time. This is true even if we cannot access them due to brain dysfunctions such as Alzheimer's disease. Because memories are mental, they subject to the laws of the universe. Personal histories are like any other manifestation of the infinite multiverse. We can manipulate histories. Histories may be freely accepted or discarded at our choosing.

Each event comes with a history. I like to call the history of an event a downline. This is not an MLM scheme. Downlines are the past events that lead up to the present event. Each situation has its own downline. All of these downlines intertwine into a vast network. In the end, all events connect to one another by a matter of degrees. Some of the relationships may be remote, but they all on each other's downline. Here's an example:

When a woman enters into a romantic relationship, she is accepts the entire history of the other person. Some people call it baggage. Each person has a different story or a different downline. When the woman forms a relationship with this person, the partner's downline becomes part of her own. This includes the partner's family. Each member of the partner's family has a downline. All of these become part of the woman's downline.

This process is not exclusive to people. Animals and objects also have their stories. Events also happen appear chronologically. Many of us can recall the events that led up to the 9/11 tragedy. That terrible day did not just happen out the blue. The perpetrators carefully planned their attack over time. That is the event's downline. These histories are built-in. Every future possibility comes with a history. Every time we make a choice, we are bringing a whole history into our lives. It's easy to see that the future is co-mingled with the past.

In order to experience life we agree to accept a certain kind of amnesia that keeps us from knowing the truth. This amnesia allows the master plan to unfold. Because of this, we believe in the illusion of our chronological histories. We believe in our downlines. We allow downlines to become part of our person history without questioning them. The downlines do not acceptance have to be accepted. What we don't realize that if an event didn't happen, then neither did the history. It doesn't become part of your downline. It never happened in the reality you are experiencing. It is nonexistent. At least in this reality. Since histories are bundled with future possibilities, they only manifest when we consciously or unconsciously choose them.

This concept gives us a great deal of power. We can change our lives with this information. We may even able to avert the consequences of poor decision making on a global scale.

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