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The Anunnaki and Zecharia Sitchin

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

Zecharia Sitchin

The man by the name Zecharia Sitchin was born way back in July of 1920. He is an American citizen but was born in his native country of Azerbaijan. He moved to New York after finishing his University studies in London. He has become well known for his many theories on ancient astronauts that might have explored the universe thousands of years before man ever landed foot on the moon. He has written about a 12th planet and alien space explorers and has had his writings translated into many different languages which have been the fascination of people around the world. He is a renowned author and authored many books, especially books such as those proposing the possible origins of human beings and these theories involve ancient astronauts.

The first book published by Sitchin was The 12th Planet, which became an overnight underground success and put his name in the minds of many seeking to define why we are here. He wrote many other series on the same subject and became the subject of scientific criticism in the professional world. It was not until later in his life that he began to gain more recognition after the discovery of other planets in our solar system, but he remains the subject of criticism even after death and the discoveries in more recent years.

An example is Sitchin's attribution of the ancient Sumerian Civilization and the Sumerian culture associated with it to the Annunaki. The Annunaki, according to Sitchin, are a race of very special extraterrestrial beings. They are said to have descended from a planet high up in our solar system, beyond the planet Neptune, known as Nibiru.

According to his theories, this planet is in an elongated, elliptical orbit that makes it part of our very own solar system. Most of the Sumerian myths and tales are based on this particular belief.

These books regarding origins of various people have sold millions of copies around the world and have been acclaimed by many. However, many scientists and academics have dismissed his writing and criticized his works. Many of Sitchin's critics claim his methodology is wrong and his line of translating ancient texts is erroneous. Critics also fault his scientific and astronomical claims as deeply flawed, inaccurate and incorrect. Despite all the criticism, Zecharia Sitchin continued with his works unabated and was loved, cherished and adored by many around the world.

In his later years Zecharia Sitchin gained a lot of recognition in the world of alien hypothesis and he even appeared on and AM radio show Coast to Coast as a guest. He is a recipient of a lifetime achievement award for his literary works on the subject of Aliens and planetary exploration by the famous radio program. He continued to release publications and DVD's through his lifetime of writing right up until his death in 2010. His legacy still lives on through his website which is maintained by a family member and you can find all sorts of news and interesting resources on the subject of aliens and extra-terrestrial beings.

Sadly, on October 9th 2009, Sitchin suddenly passed away. He had only a couple of months ago been diagnosed with final stages of prostate cancer. A couple of weeks later, he succumbed to the cancer and passed on, aged 90 years old. His death shocked many and it was a big blow to his global community of admirers. October 9th has now been declared as annual Sitchin studies day, in honor of Zecharia Sitchin and his writings.

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