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Scary Places - Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 2294

Transylvania and the surrounding areas of Romania have always been associated with paranormal things. Rather than talk about the obvious werewolf and vampire tales associated with the area, there is another lesser known yet very real place in Romania that has frightened locals and baffled investigators for centuries.

The Haunted Forest, known as Hoia Baciu has many stories that go along with it. Stories range from ghosts and spirits to UFO sightings. Visitors to the forest have frequently experienced nausea, disorientation and other physical ailments. UFO sightings have been commonly associated with the area and there is no shortage of reports involving ghosts and apparitions. Many people claim to have photographed the strange phenomenon at Hoia Baciu.

One of the strangest things about the Haunted Romanian Forest is the geology. Within the forest is a strange circle that no plant life will grow in. Soil tests have not been able to explain the phenomenon, as they seem to match the surrounding soil. However, the lifeless circle is there and usually at the center of paranormal tales from the forest. Heightened electromagnetic fields also seem to be present at Hoia Baciu.

One of the most commonly reported experiences in the forest is a mysterious light (or lights) that seem to have no explanation. The lights have been seen by many, yet there are still no answers as to what they are and where they originate. Disembodies voices are also heard regularly and many locals believe that if you wander into the Hoia Baciu forest..You will never return. One can't help but to wonder what the history of this forest may be and why such strong paranormal activity is associated with this relatively small patch of earth in Romania.

The expedition of the Destination Truth team into the forest yielded one of the best episodes to date, with one of the crew members seemingly being attacked and thrown through the air. The team also managed to capture the mystery lights of Hoia Baciu on film while investigating.

Searches for the history of this haunted forest do not return many results. It has only become widely known since the 1960's, but apparently locals have avoided the land and associated it with evil for centuries. So what is the explanation for Hoia Baciu? Is there something that history has forgotten about the strange forest? Is this forest filled with ghosts, spirits and evil as locals suggest? Or are UFO's to blame, as some have suggested? There are other places on earth that seem to share "lifeless circles" similar to Hoia Baciu. One famous example is "The Devil's Tramping Ground" in NC, that has also remained unexplained for generations.

Although we may never solve the mystery of Hoia Baciu, it will most likely forever remain one of the most mysterious and creepy places on earth. It will always be waiting for those brave enough to enter the most haunted forest in Romania.

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