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Precautions of Paranormal Investigation

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

Investigating the existence of the paranormal can be an adrenaline rush and can bring together a lot of great people. You can gain a lot of experience and witness some amazing things. But you need to be fully prepared, and be prepared to accept what you may find. You need to be strong willed. Most of all, the possible hazards of the environment can be more of a risk than the investigation itself. Make sure someone knows where you're going and what you're doing

Here are some suggestions of good, safe procedures:

Above all, use your common sense. Never perform a paranormal investigation alone. This is the number one rule. Visit the location, accessibility, safety, and related issues ahead of time. Examine the site during daytime hours to identify parking, paths, and any possible hazards that may be present. Carry a working flashlight, even during daytime investigations. Wear suitable clothing, including sturdy footwear. Don't eat a heavy meal immediately before an investigation, but don't arrive hungry either. Do not drink alcohol or use drugs before or during an investigation. Never trespass on private or posted property, without specific permission from the owners or authorities. Leave immediately and politely if the police or owners ask you to, even if the property is not posted. If you become unreasonably frightened, leave. Always follow your instinct if you are prompted to leave. Remember, you have more to fear from the living than from the dead. Haunted sites are often isolated. That makes these sites attractive to people engaged in illegal activities. Use caution and common sense. Avoid sarcasm and jokes in haunted settings. Remember to have respect. Provoking to get a response is OK, but don't go overboard. Overall, if you're a beginner, I don't recommend provoking. You need to be experienced to handle this in the appropriate way. Most ghosts have no desire in harming you. But... a diabolical entity has been known to follow. Generally, this is very rare. If you're troubled by unwanted thoughts after leaving a haunted location, relax. Watch a happy movie or TV show. Talk with a friend. If the thoughts persist, see a professional for advice. Never rely fully on cell phones in haunted settings. Sometimes they won't work. Make sure you know the location of the nearest pay phone or a business with a phone. Remember that you are visiting a location that a ghost considers home. Behave as politely as you would in someone elses home. Demons do not "possess" people without their willingness. If something seems to be taking control, tell it to stop. Picture yourself as a bigger bully than the spirit. This works in most cases. If you or someone you know seems "possessed," consult a professional or a member of the clergy. It may not be a demon. It is believed that most ghosts are tied to their earthly locations because they want to change something that happened in the past or are unable to or refuse to cross over. It is possible to help them move on, but this takes the knowledge and experience of a professional. Don't try to do ore than your experience allows.

There are no documented cases of someone being seriously physically harmed by a spirit. Paranormal investigations can be fun... but can be dangerous in the wrong situation. In any investigation, safety is always number one. If it doesn't feel right, leave.

Chris is a contributing author and administrator of The Paranormal Society and possess more than 13 years experience in the paranormal.

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