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Paranormal Experiences - Being Touched by a Ghost

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 129

Demonic possession

Rare but true

Defining a demonic possession is harder than it sounds since it involves more than just observation and psychological background analysis. Psychology is as solid as theology scientifically speaking, and in order to understand the nature of possession one needs to have knowledge in what one is observing and one need to know what he is looking for and what he is looking at in his observation.

Parapsychology would be more adequate as a tool to study and observe possession cases, then again, without the knowledge of theology and the wisdom of ancient spiritual teachings it would be very confusing to compare, measure and evaluate any such subjective issue.

A simple definition of possession in general is a loss of ones will and sense of reason "cognitively speaking" to an alien entity.

The film The Exorcist succeeded in introducing audience to evil possession in a dramatical manner but failed to remove the myth surrounding it since ancient times. Read my previous articles (Induction and Enticement and Incitement).

Due to the vast variation in nature of possession it is rather challenging to reach a solid conclusion in definition since no case is similar to other. In addition to this the fact that there is no actual conclusive evidence of evil spirit possession strong enough to stand against the scrutiny of scientists let alone spectators who would love to exaggerate in dismay to any presented suggestion of a possession case, possession is after all a very vague phenomena...

Having used the term vague instead of rare is based upon my belief that possession comes in many forms and originates in different manifestation making it common in its origin "abnormal" while rare in its manifestation.

Human mind may be possessed by an idea, this idea may be alien in origin, yet there is a great possibility that such an idea could very much be a fabric of the mind itself.

An ultra sensitive scale may help determine whether a possession is alien or otherwise.

An aura imaging software may assist in monitoring the electromagnetic field surrounding the suspect case investigated you will be surprised how much modern technology can play constructive role in helping us understand the invisible and the unseen...

Investigating possession is usually very tricky, whether the case is genuine or a fake there is always a lot of confusing details shrouding it. If the case is genuine then one can expect the unexpected due to the nature of demons which is very resourceful. If the case is psychological or emotional it is just as confusing due to the nature of illusions and how the mind works.

Paranormal investigation can become dangerous if one lacks knowledge of this subject, for if we look into darkness we are opening a window to what is very vague to us and what may be beyond our perception and understanding, that is why I urge interested people to take the matter more seriously and exercise extreme caution in approaching it...

What is certain is we are not alone in the world, especially the world which is invisible to us and beyond the perception of our human senses. There are two know types of genuine possessions, there is the one which seeks to be recognized and there is the more dangerous one which seeks to stay undetected.

The one seeking to b recognized usually can be detected by using specific digital high tech instruments such as voice recorders and high resolution video cam. EMF meter and temperature gauge equipments.

The one seeking to stay undetected can prove to be very challenging and time consuming, then we have the remote induction which is even more challenging to detect due to what demons or alien entities may do to keep control from far distance by tapping into specific brain waves and channels to keep control of the victim. This is the most common possession we all experience repetitively beyond our awareness and recognition; this in definition is mental possession.

Mental possession can have a severe impact on our personal lives; it may be the cause of demise if the source is negative entities (demonic possession) yet it can be the very cause of our development and progress through out human history on earth.

Alien entities "unrecognized yet by solid science yet referred to by holy texts, ancient mythology and the Emerald Tablets" in form of dimensional beings coexisting within a parallel world to ours seem to be able to manifest their thoughts into specific frequencies perceptible to our minds which in turn are capable to affecting our thinking pattern successfully impacting our rationality and general behavior.

As weird as it may sound to the reader; thoughts can be detected, and modern science is seriously experimenting on this topic and there seems to be a breakthrough in understanding how thinking is done and how thoughts function in specific frequencies generated from our minds. I personally believe the more we know about electromagnetic, static and plasmic fields the more we will be able to comprehend the chemical vibration generated from thinking...

I also dare to believe that we humans have a hidden extra sense" a third eye" to add to our five senses which may if developed help us interpret such chemical thought vibration just as a fly is able to detect a corps right in the middle of desert and buzz right at it...

I also believe that this fascinating assumption will be reality in this 22snd century with very promising scientific findings enabling our species to leap forward towards a much brighter spiritual future.

Mental possession if understood may hold the clue to a new perspective in understanding parapsychology, emotions and spirituality leading to a better compression of the mind therefore the beyond and the supernatural.

What if mental possession is a form of parasitic thought induction generated by dimensional or inter dimensional beings induced through specific alternative brain waves or frequencies capable of being interpreted by human mind! Are we not able to interpret facial impressions and specific body language into a thought in a form of perception of an alert or a warning to a source of danger...

This perception is nothing but a form of a mind generated thought. And a thought can be constructive as it can be destructive, positive or negative, love or hate, it is still a thought.

Thank about that...

Enjoy Adam El masri

Adam El Masri Author & Researcher

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