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King Khufu and the Magician Djedi, From the Secrets of the Great Pyramid

March 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 243

As he planned to build the great pyramid, King Khufu consulted a psychic magician called Djedji where a very paranormal scene was documented and became part of the stories of the great pyramids of Egypt. Very soon after Khufu took the throne he started thinking of planning the layout for the greatest pyramid ever built. The first thought that came to his mind was how to build secret tunnels inside the pyramid leading to his burial chamber. King Khufu sat thinking about this, until he was seen by his son Prince Hordjedef, "Why you seem depressed my great father," Said Prince Hordjedef, "for days; I have been thinking and discussing the ways to build secret tunnels and a secret burial chamber with Prince Hemiunu 'Khufu's Vizier' and the architect Khufu kha. I knew today from the monks of On (Heliopolis) that those secrets are with GOD Thoth, and if only we can reach them, my pyramid will be the greatest; It will stand a witness for my greatness and for the greatness of Egypt" Khufu replied.

Only then Prince Hordjedef started telling the king about the story of the famous magician Djedi. "Djedi is 110 years-old man whom lives in the city of Djed-Senferu (now known as Meidum); He is known to eat 500 loafs of bread, a thigh of a bull, along with 500 cups of beer per day. He knows how to make a lion follow him with its leash on the ground, and how to reattach a decapitated head. He knows the secrets of Thoth temple," Said Prince Hordjedef.

King Khufu was very surprised to hear this, He immediately asked Hordjedef to go bring him the magician. Prince Hordjedef went on a long journey to meet Djedi, and the magician agreed to meet the king. When Djedi arrived at the throne hall, the king was not alone, the queen, his guards, his successors and some of his people were also there waiting for the arrival of the magician Djedi.

When the magician arrived, he greeted the king who then asked, "Why you never came to meet me before Djedi?" "I came as soon as I was called my king," Djedi replied. The king then asked the magician if he really can reattach a decapitated human head. "Yes, I can your majesty," said Djedi, Then king khufu asked his guards to bring him a prisoner so the magician Djedi could perform his magic, which was refused by Djedi, challenging the king in front of everybody. "I will not use my magic on a human being my king" he said, the king did not get angry with Djedi, and he asked for a goose instead. The goose was brought to the magician; the guards decapitated the goose's head the magician started whispering some magic spells and suddenly the head of the goose floated in the air and moved around the hall before it lands on the goose's body and re-attaches in its normal position. The goose came back to life as if nothing happened. Everybody was amazed and surprised to witness this scene, including King Khufu, who asked Djedi to perform his magic repeatedly; It was a fun day for everybody that Khufu almost forgot why he called for Djedi in the first place.

Khufu then told Djedi about his thoughts, and asked about the secrets of the temple of Thoth, so he can hide his treasures and his body to live as happy as GOD Ra when he leaves to the other world.

"This secret you cannot reach. It will be with two children born of a lady called Raddjedet, and they will rule Egypt," Said Djedi. King Khufu was very frustrated to hear this, but the magician told him that he should not worry as this will not happen during his reign, he will live a long life and will build his great pyramid two of his sons will rule Egypt and that his grandchild will build a pyramid beside the great pyramid of his great grandfather. Surprisingly, all what the magician said came true! Khafre, son of Khufu ruled Egypt and built a pyramid and the grandchild Mankaure also built a pyramid near the great pyramid of Khufu!

What you have just read was not an imaginary tale. This story is actually documented in the Westcar Papyrus (also known as Khufu and the magician papyrus), (Second Intermediate Period - around 1500 BC), housed in the Berlin Museum, and it was published in a lot of References and books. All this actually makes you wonder what kind of spiritual knowledge the pharaohs possessed.

Ahmed M Hussein

Source: EzineArticles
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