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Is There Life After Death? STOP! How to Get PROOF The Afterlife Is True (No Faith Required)

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 269

In the wild, weird, wacky and WONDERFUL world of psychic readings, there is NO area that is more curious or controversial than mediumship.

After all...each and every person reading this will one day die. All of our loved ones, and each and every individual we ever meet will one day face the mystery of the great beyond.

And whether you believe that we go to heaven, into oblivion or anything or anywhere in between...the truth is, there is very LITTLE most of us can ever know for sure.

As a matter of fact, as someone who has studied both in great detail...I believe that neither SCIENCE or religion can offer true answers about the afterlife (or the lack of one) to any serious seeker.


Science is NOT set up to "test" subjective experiences.

Neither really is religion.

Both want us to believe things on faith, and opinion...and rarely do either encourage personal experience or exploration outside of the mainstream "truths" they teach.

I believe that the very BEST evidence of an afterlife actually comes from psychic mediums...and the paranormal field overall.

Now...before you laugh at me, and think I'm some sort of new age nut, hear me out:

The BEST psychic mediums often offer information from "the other side" that is impossible to explain away using conventional arguments. Details, dates, specific facts, and personally meaningful information that the medium would have NO way of knowing. (but the client or caller, and the loved one "in spirit" would)

Near Death Experiences where verifiable information is witnessed by someone who is clinically dead are also IMPOSSIBLE to explain using conventional science or religion.

Out of body experiences, past life memories, ghost or apparitional experiences, death bed visions, and even recent developments in EVP (where voices of the deceased are captured on digital recordings) all point to the very same reality:

That something, somehow "survives" the death of our physical body, and that we retain our personality in some sense after death.

Honesty, the examples above just scratch the surface of the REAL evidence that points to an afterlife...and doesn't require faith, dogma or any blind belief at all.

I was a die hard skeptic (no pun intended) myself years ago...

And had a series of experiences with a psychic medium, by telephone, where intimate, specific and very detailed information was communicated to me, from a deceased loved one, that would have been impossible for ANYONE to know, let alone a stranger on the telephone.

I remember hanging up...and thinking - "What just happened?"

And then -

"My entire life has just changed in some indescribable way"

Because when you get evidence, and first hand experience that this stuff is NOT silly or new age nonsense, it opens up an exciting window into a world that you can explore.

And explore it I have!

If you don't believe? I encourage you to seek out psychic mediums, or other avenues of afterlife evidence that you find interesting. It makes THIS life a lot more interesting and inspiring...that much, regardless of what you find, I DO promise!

Want PROOF? Click Here ==> to Join Our FREE Psychic Community and discover the TRUTH about psychics, spirits and the shocking afterlife evidence that will convince YOU, Too!

Or - Talk to a LIVE Psychic Today and Get PROOF That Your Life Has REAL Purpose. (AND Find out What it is TODAY!)

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