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Giant Ice Falls From the Sky!

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

Throughout the centuries man has wondered about a mysterious phenomena that seems to have no answer, giant ice blocks falling from the sky. Many skeptics claim that there is no reason to wonder about these strange occurrences, there is a simple answer... They are falling off of airplanes flying overhead! Now mind you, I am not a close minded person, I would be happy to accept this explanation, but, I think I am going to need one of these skeptics explain to me where the airplane came from on August 13TH of 1849 that the 1/2 ton, 20 foot block of ice fell from in Scotland. Or the one in India in 1800 that was reported "as large as an elephant". I can go on and on, 15 feet long, 6 feet wide and 11 feet thick - England, 1888. One a yard wide in India - 1826! In 1802, a lump of ice fell from the sky on Hungary that had a volume of 18 cubic feet! I think that one would be more curious about the aircraft itself than the ice falls at this point since there was no such thing as an airplane at this time!

Ice falls have continued throughout the years up to modern times, with many reports in Spain in the last year. But the question still remains, where do these large chunks of ice come from?

There have been four standing answers to this question that I will address here and I will add an answer of my own.

Airplane ice The favorite answer of the skeptic - perhaps some ice falls off of aircraft, but, the pieces would not be very large. Modern aircraft are equipped with wing heaters to prevent ice build up. Also, in many cases there were no aircraft in the area of the ice fall, and again, I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't believe that there were any aircraft around during the previously cited reports in the 1800's. You may also want to look at what a 1/2 to, 20 foot block of ice would do to the aircraft, one would have to assume that the ice fall would have been followed by the aircraft itself. An airplane would not be able to stay aloft with a chunk of ice this large attached to it.

Hail The largest hailstones recorded have been about 5 inches in diameter with a maximum weight of about 2 pounds. You need sustained updraft winds of 90 mph or more to create a hailstone of this size. Weather can't be completely ruled out, but, the average ice fall usually consists of 1 or 2 chunks, not hail storm quantities, and most of them occur on nice cloudless days, not during inclement weather. Still, we don't know everything about this mysterious place we call earth, so it's a possibility. Oh, and one other problem here, the ice that is analyzed is usually not from cloud water!

Comets Comets are composed of ice, dust, and rocks and it is possible that comets could enter the Earth's atmosphere and strike the Earth before exploding, as in Tunguska, or just simply melting. Many theories have been brought to the table to explain away this idea such as, there are not enough pieces to be a comet or particles from it's tail. Hmmmm, ok.

UFO's Ummmmmm, yeah. This theory states that the ice is falling off UFO's entering our atmosphere, or perhaps that the UFO's are dropping them intentional as some sort of warning. Come on people, I am not saying it's not impossible, but do you really think that a race smart enough to achieve intergalactic travel would have a problem with ice build up when our own airplanes and space shuttles don't? And quite honestly, why would a alien civilization fly hundreds of light years to our planet just to throw ice cubes at us? What possible message would that be? Bored alien college students pulling a prank? And people wonder why the UFO and Paranormal community doesn't get taken seriously!

Alright, we have gone over the most common explanations short of random teleportation of ice from colder climates, which is also a theory that has been suggested. Now it's time to present my theory.

The Earth is always being hit by meteorites from Mars, how? Well Mars has been hit with rather large meteors and asteroids that have sent rocks and dust hurtling into outer space that eventually find their way to Earth. This is a known scientific fact, so, if this is or has happened on Mars, and the debris makes it to earth, then why isn't it possible that the same thing happens on Europa? Europa is a moon of Jupiter that is completely covered in ice, water ice. It has been struck many times by large asteroids and meteors throughout it's history and yes, the same thing would have happened, chunks of ice would have been hurtled into space and yes, they could very well make it back to the Earth, just like Martian meteors! Some of the ice has had strange compositions to it, some has been pure h2o, some has had interesting formations and the majority are not comprised of cloud water so why not Europa? Or icy asteroids? I believe that in most cases this theory holds water, or ice, so to speak. So in this state of thought, would it not be in NASA's best interest to take a little time to look at these icy missiles from the sky? Many of these ice falls have been accompanied by a flash of light and a loud boom, pretty consistent with a large meteor wouldn't you think? - The Paranormal Activity Research Association Paranormal research and investigations - Prospector, Treasure Hunter, Adventurer! Prospecting, Treasure Hunting and fun in the great outdoors! Forum, chat, articles and more. And now the home of The Prospectors, Adventurers and Treasure Hunters Association (PATHA)!

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