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Do the Anunnaki Exist?

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 260

There has been movie after movie created to thrill us and frighten us and ultimately leaving us with the question in our mind, are there aliens or do they at some level exist. The question is not a new question, but one that has been around for a long time, since the beginning of time is the question of whether aliens exist.

Many people tie the Anunnaki with aliens, but are they? Many believe that Annunaki are aliens and over time, there has been a lot of thought and input to as to what they really are - aliens or gods, or just a crazy idea.

There have been many theories posited over the creation and evolution of humankind. Due to mankinds much more developed intelligence and capabilities than our animal cousins, many people insist that humankind must have had some help in their evolutionary development. One of the most enduring theories over this matter regards extra terrestrial life.

Aliens have always been a fascinating subject, but there may be a much more intimate connection between humankind and aliens than most would believe. There is an increasingly popular proposition that mankind was visited in its development by the Anunnaki Aliens, who came to the planet for their own exploits and transferred their knowledge of technology to humans. The Anunnaki Aliens are said to be taller than humans, but still walk on two feet and upright like any hominoid.

The Annunaki run along the same lines as the Planet Nibiru and there are many followers of the theories and belief that the world is coming to a rapid end. There are also many cynics who believe this is a ridiculous myth that will leave followers looking foolish. Nevertheless, it is believe that Annunaki are beings from the tenth planet, the so-called tenth planet Nibiru. It is believed that the Annunaki visited earth in search for gold because gold would give them power. There was a disagreement between the Annunaki and the mining expedition, and there was nuclear fallout, which explains why there are no Annunaki living among us today.

It is believed that 2012 marks the year that Nibiru's 3,600-year orbit will finally bring it back into the solar system and come to earth again. There is believe that the Annunaki may make another visit to earth again, but even if that is not the case, there is passionate believe that another planet is moving closer to earth that will cause grave disasters throughout. It is believed that this destruction will take place in December of 2012, less than 9 months away.

Is 2012 the end of the world, as we know it? Will it be the beginning of something new? Time will tell but one thing to consider is the predictions of the past that have come and gone. Although the theme seems plausible, because of the lack of concrete proof, that may be a reason for the lack of followers.

They are said to have visited Earth, in addition the Moon, Mars, and other locations in our solar system and beyond, in search for gold which was required on their home planet. Here on earth, many sources from our recorded history suggest that beings such as the Anunnaki did indeed visit us in the past, whence they were regarded as smarter, more advanced, and more powerful beings. Multiple records from around the globe point to a similar story of larger hominoid beings that once visited and resided over humankind. These larger and stronger hominoids may have in fact been the Anunnaki. The spike in technological advancement in the Sumerian Civilization is also referred to as evidence of a visit by more advanced aliens like the Anunnaki. While the theory is at first seemingly far fetched, it actually becomes very coherent and evidenced upon closer inspection.

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