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Does Your Artwork Give You Away? Creative Genius, Manically Depressing, and Tormented Minds

June 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 259

The other day, I talked with a creative genius, someone who was academically inclined with a Bachelor's Degree in acoustics, and also an incredible artist. To top off all that he had honed his skills in the digital rendering world of 3-D as well. When he showed me a brief collection of his work, merely 1/100th of it, I was blown away, truly magnificent stuff. We then talked about his art, and art in general - then we went online to see similar take-offs along similar themes.

His stuff was totally unique, and yet, there were others who looked as if they'd borrowed components from him, or were of the same mind in some aspects of his artistic style. Now then, much of his work starts out as pen ink drawing on white paper, then he scans it in and in some cases colorizes it. He noted that ones he did a little shading and colorizing, the interest in his work went up exponentially. Then he showed me examples, and I could see exactly why.

He also noted that the value of the art work also went up with coloring and proper shading, or down if done incorrectly, meaning no interest whatsoever, again, that was obvious. Next, we looked at similar genres and how the artists had chosen to color or shade. Some of it was dark, gothic-esque, troubling, and dreary - it was obvious that the artist himself, or in some cases herself had a tormented mind. Some of the artwork looked as if you could unfold it, re-twist it and bring it into focus, but the artists had chosen the opposite - moving towards dystopia, chaos, disruption, decomposition, and destruction.

One artists, a famous one from Yugoslavia or Croatia was that of a tormented mind, after years of conflict, death, and war. I noted the artist was troubled and of a tormented mind. That his artwork told a story or misery, sorrow, and disappointment in the human race - perhaps an attempt at closure, but the verdict was in - things could never be made whole again - thus, his art left the pain for all to see. It spoke to the viewer, told of the unhealed mind and depression.

The work was brilliant, original, and worthy of thought, even if the mental picture or mental map was one of unspeakable anguish and despair - grabbing your emotions, contorting, and twisting it into submission, forcing you to look, to think, and to try to make reason of it all - full well knowing you could not. Okay so, my question to you today is this; does your artwork give you away? Can someone viewing it know if you are a Creative Genius, if you are Manically Depressing, or if you are one of a Tormented Mind?

Does your artwork leave your emotions out in the open, begging for help, thought, or speaking directly to the mind of the viewer to join in misery, company, or a cause? When your art speaks, when it is honest and open, that's when you'll know, and when everyone will see the creative genius within, regardless of the baggage of mental torment or peaceful grace it exposes. Make all your artwork count. Please consider all this and think on it.

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