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Corporate Art - The Trend to Be With the Trend

March 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 108

Office Art - a growing trend for companies globally. Companies, whether large or small, use art as a means to enhance their corporate image and brand. Some buy art in order to furnish their offices for a trendy, contemporary look that is aligned with their corporate image and branding. Others however, go the full mile with Art foundations and programs as part of their corporate social responsibility. Where is the line?

Some of the main reasons companies should look at investing in office art place is that art has been found to improve staff moral and enhance creativity, create a unique brand image for the company, as well as a PR and community relations tool. Companies start playing on the ego field with who has which collections, who owns the latest in art trends and who has paintings from the newest 'it' artist. Featured corporate collections and exhibitions are on the rise as companies aim to extend their own brand and marketing on a different level.

These all play a role on the demand side of the scale for corporate art but the main driver is found in studies indicating that art in the work place increases creativity (obvious), efficiency and productivity. Creating an aesthetically appealing environment influences subconscious mood and behaviour patterns ( This would obviously also be related to visitors and clients visiting the office space. There are two areas in the subject of office art: art collections and art used for furnishing and decorating the office. These often overlap although many companies regularly change their office art to maintain a fresh and new look. Renting art for office space is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep the atmosphere innovative.

Research into colours influences can help companies decide on colour schemes for furnishing their buildings with office art. Soft and warm colours versus bright and energetic colours. For example, grey is often seen as a professional colour, white as clean and fresh, green as energetic, blue makes people feel more comfortable. These all vary and influence will depend on the office set up and environment. Corporate culture is obviously also a main influencer and management will still be a major factor in staff creativity and productivity.

Art has existed through the centuries and has developed and changed as our culture has shifted and grown. From buildings to houses, to cars and branding, art is an integral part of our lives. Keeping up with developing trends makes it vital for companies to integrate creativity and art into their corporate culture and into their offices. Whichever form, shape, colour and size, the legacy of Henry David Throeau should remind one of the need to create space for creative talent to flow (!

What role do you think corporate art plays in the work place?

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