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Airbrush Shirts Paasche VLS Review

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 230

Here I will be doing my review of the Paasche VLS airbrush. I feel this brush is ideal for beginners and pros all around. This airbrush is widely used when it comes to designing t-shirts, fabrics, automotive, and even taxidermy. Paasche is a real leader when it comes to making quality airbrushes that can last and carry throughout your professional career. The Paasche VLS has a unique feature that helps to secure paint bottles to the brush. The connection is threaded on the airbrush so bottles can be screwed on to ensure that there is no slipping off when you are in the middle of your project and also provide for greater movement. Since it is a siphon feed brush, changing from one color to the next is made easy and secure with these features but it can also be converted to a gravity feed through a remote container.

The VLS has a spray range of 1/32" for finite details up to 1 ½" for a larger cover area. This can be accomplished with the different head sizes available specifically for the Paasche VLS. One fine point made by experienced users is that the parts are big enough to clean properly without a confusing reassembly. The key point made was to make sure the brush gets cleaned to prevent damage to the needle. A mini nylon brush set is available for purchase to make this job a lot easier.

Newer users rave about its ease of use and adaptability. The ergonomic handle makes the brush ideal for beginners who are just breaking into airbrushing. Teachers have also been known to assign this brush by name to their students because of its user friendly details and low maintenance. The cost for this brush is also surprisingly affordable compared to the quality you will receive in this product.

The Paasche VLS is compatible with many compressors as long as they are within the specifications of the brush. Paasche does have a nice airbrush and compressor set which I have reviewed in the website below.

Some downsides about the brush. The hoses that come with the Paasche VLS may not be compatible with other brushes if you have them available. A solution to this is to have a quick disconnect attachment and use the hose for the Paasche only. It is also reported to be very short and stiff keeping movement very limited compared to other airbrush hoses.

Ruben is a local writer focusing on Airbrush Shirts and Airbrush Kits. Visit his links and read more!

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