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Sensitize Your Community About Cervical Cancer?

May 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 222

Cervical cancer is not a disease that develops within a few days before taking someone's life. It takes time, and many people may have it without knowing until it reaches an incurable stage. That is why everyone needs to speak out about this disease to alert potential victims of the disease. Many lives that have been lost, through cervical cancer, could have been here if someone had spoken to them about going for a cervical cancer examination.

Cultural barriers you need to overcome

In some cultures, it is taboo to discuss any issues related to the genitals or sex with someone of the opposite gender. Therefore, if you have helpful information in this area, you can only discuss it with people of your gender. Being aware of such barriers can prepare you to understand how you ought to approach people in your area. You need to understand that lives are at stake, and the message must reach the right people from different angles. That is why you can start by breaking the huddles of culture through sensitizing people around you about cervical cancer. There are many booklets about cervical cancer around the world that you can use. In fact, most health facilities and institutions can supply you with the material you need - besides making use of the internet. Why not take advantage of such provisions to teach people about this disease?

Deliver your message effectively

If you want to make sure that you educate your targeted group without embarrassing them, focus on your goals. Some women might go through severe pain during intercourse, and excessive menstrual bleeding without even visiting a doctor. Instead of using the big words used in the medical field, you can simplify your message by sticking to what your audience can understand. You can also try out the following tips to reach many people:

  1. Use a simplified version of the language they understand - translate where possible.
  2. Stick to your goal of encouraging them to visit a doctor, even if they have not seen any signs.
  3. When explaining the diagnostic procedures involved, or the symptoms of cervical cancer, go straight to the point. Save time.
  4. Do not embarrass your audience with unnecessary information that might end up diluting the message you are carrying.
  5. Make your delivery as informal and practical as possible. Some people won't pay attention if you turn your delivery into a boring lecture.
  6. Be flexible by introducing as many methods as you can - depending on what your audience prefers.

The loud call to action

Explain to your loved audience boldly why they need to go for cervical cancer screening. Motivate them to take this screening seriously. Use the most recent statics of cervical deaths and infections to reinforce your message. Most importantly, encourage them not to take any signs for granted.

I am Ernest Mwaba. I have a blog which covers a variety of pressing issues at and I have been maintaining it for the past two years. I enjoy writing in a manner that provokes thinking and reveal unique facts we rarely examine. I invite you to visit my blog today and learn about many issues that we face on a daily basis.

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