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Cure Cervix Cancer With Some Recommended Natural Treatments

December 20, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

Finding a cure for cervix cancer means that you have to first learn the basics, if you don't even know what a cervix is, here is the short version. It is the narrow necklike passage forming the lower end of the uterus. It basically joins the uterus and the birth canal. Cervical cancer is a slow-developing malignant cancer.

Cervical cancer is primarily caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). This is mainly distributed around through sexual intercourse with multiple partners. The reason it is very slow-growing is that the virus can survive inside the individual for many years before the cancerous cells begin to develop, and fortunately for some, it never does. The main reason that the cancer cells never develop in some individuals, who have had the virus for many years, is because they are in very good health and their immunity system is very formidable.

So if you don't have the disease yet, the best way of preventing it is by establishing a formidable immunity system through healthy diet, exercise, and other things you can do to maintain this.

But if you are now looking to cure cervix cancer because it already developed in your cells, then don't lose hope. There is still a way for you to be healed, although it is not the "normal" way the world sees as treatment.

For centuries, botanical and Chinese remedies have been proven to heal cancer and other diseases thought of to be irreversible. This may sound extreme, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Here are a few suggestions to cure cervix cancer:

1. A healthy diet would go a long way to cure cervix cancer. Canned foods, foods that have preservatives, artificial sugars, and even most cooked food should be prohibited. Avoid animal proteins as much as possible; this includes all kinds of meat, dairy and poultry products.

2. Lots of fruits, vegetables of all kinds, anything herbal, legumes; even freshly-squeezed juices go a long way to build the immune system.

3. Apricot seeds contain the vitamin B17 which is essential to help you cure cervix cancer as this kills cancerous cells without harming your uninfected cells.

4. Tea and ginger are universally accepted as both a builder of strong immune systems and also a great substitute for artificially-sweetened drinks. They help rinse out the toxins in the body that speed up the growth of cancerous cells.

There are many other natural cure for cervix cancer and other types of cancers. We just have to be diligent and research them.

For more information on how to cure cervix cancer and live a long and healthy life. Visit our site and discover our number one choice for effective prevention and treatment for all types of diseases The One minute cure.

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