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4 Tips to Prevent Cervical Cancer, Naturally

August 25, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 93

Cervical cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancers affecting a significant number of women worldwide every year. Though unlike breast cancer, it has certified preventive measures. The medical condition starts with the cervix undergoing precancerous changes. This is termed as cervical dysplaxia, which can be mild to severe. Its development to cervical cancer takes years to happen, and it is aided by other factors. However, as earlier mentioned, cervical cancer can be prevented and one can reduce her risk of having it.

Have a Check Up

Those who have a family history of cervical cancer have a higher risk. The same is the level of risk with women who had an intercourse at a relatively younger age and those who had multiple partners. If you are one of these people, then it is best to see an OB-GYN doctor and have a pap smear. With this test, the doctor can check and treat if you have precancerous/abnormal cells before they can even progress to cervical cancer. You can also ask your doctor for recommendation as to how frequently should you get a pap smear.

Use a Condom and Limit Sexual Partners

For women who have multiple sexual partners, it is recommended that condoms should be used during the intercourse. However, it is best that the woman should limit the number of sexual partners as contracting HPV or human papilloma virus can cause cervical cancer. Self-discipline must be done as not only will the risk of having cervical cancer lessened, but the chances of acquiring sexually transmitted disease also decreases.

Stop Smoking

According to researches, smokers have a higher risk of up to 4 times greater than nonsmokers. This is due to the fact that the cervix can absorb the toxins released from smoking. The cells in the body may undergo changes because of this exposure, which can then lead to cancer of cervix. Plus, by quitting smoking, you also lessen your risk of having other forms of cancer.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Eating healthy truly does a difference on your risk level. The most recommended foods are vegetables, fruits, and whole grains as they are rich in fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. These can help in preventing precancerous cells from turning to this type cancer.

Food supplements may also be taken, after consultation with a doctor. Vitamin C is mostly advised to be taken as it is also rich in antioxidants. Exercise is also very important and must be done at least 4 hours in a week. Even just walking can suffice.

Aside from these, be wary if you are also having immunosuppression or if your immunity has been decreased. This is largely attributed to prolong use and high dosage intakes of steroids, and other chemicals consumed to treat other diseases such as HIV or Leukemia. Immunosuppression increases the risk of your body to develop cervical cancer.

With these four tips, you may have noticed that they mostly pertain to disciplining the self. So, to sum it all up, the primary key to preventing cervical cancer naturally is by having a healthy lifestyle.

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