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Contract Warehouses - How They Help You In the Shipment of Your Goods

April 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

One crucial element for any successful business is knowing when to utilize outside help. When you make the decision to outsource and use a contract warehouse you will gain more time to focus on your core business strengths. By turning your focus on your most important and pressing business matters you will ultimately increase revenue and stand out amongst other companies. One way that contract warehouses offer assistance is by helping you in the shipment of your goods, a vital aspect of business that cannot be overlooked.

Distribution services are just one of the many services of contract warehouses. Because it is such a large and important industry, many contract warehouses provide state-of-the-art facilities in both small and large cities and are capable of expertly managing distribution of goods and supply chain services. If you need to store goods, some things to look for in a warehouse are those with high ceilings, quality insulation, air conditioning (if needed) and security surveillance to keep your goods safe. Depending on how long you need warehouse space for you can usually negotiate the terms of your contract by choosing either a fixed based fee, a cost-plus based fee or a transaction and storage based fee.

Of course, the shipment of your goods, whether you are selling clothes or livestock, is a very serious and crucial undertaking for a flourishing business. You must be sure that your goods arrive in top-notch shape (without damages) and in a timely manner. If your goods do not travel from point A to point B as scheduled, then you will lose both money and clients. For those reasons, when you are researching contract warehouse companies, you should go with one that offers a full line of services including shipment tracking, document requests, transit times, pickup requests, bill of landing management, customized reporting and rate quotes.

If a contract warehouse service provider is trusted and has a good reputation, they should also be highly knowledgeable in transportation management services. The goal of having someone store and ship your goods for you is that they optimize your supply chain and give you more time to focus on other aspects of business. When your goods are out of your hands, you will want to know that you have additional services such as carrier negotiation, route optimization, routing compliance, auditing, and shipment tracking/tracing.

Often times you can contact an off-site title contract warehouse for a free quote, which will help you gauge the legitimacy of a company. However, you should also visit the site if you can, and come prepared with a list of questions. Ask what their policies are on fulfillment, packing, logistics and delivery, as well as if they have references, or read reviews online to see how reliable a company is. Also, keep in mind that if you wish to secure a long and mutually beneficial relationship with a contract warehouse, it is a wise idea to request comprehensive financial and transportation reporting to ensure improvement of performance.

For more information on contract warehouses check out: Perimeter Logistics Contract Warehouses

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