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Business Outsourcing: Its Advantages And Disadvantages In The Business World

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 206

Business outsourcing has advantages and disadvantages in the world of modern business. It is also called as contracting out and is confused with off shoring. Basically, the company looks for a cheaper source of service to free up time, personnel and cash. This way, the company can save at the same time distribute the advantages. Also, the company will be able to concentrate on their forte and will have better results. Average unit cost will be reduced because the company will contract out the payroll, legalities, data processing, and manufacturing. This outsourcing is also a significant part of re-engineering and downsizing in a company.

The advantages of this business method will be further discussed. A certain company may have a contract with another company that will involve exchange of payments and services. Through this, both companies will benefit because they have the opportunity to focus on their respective competency. The advent of technology makes this outsourcing more possible. It now involves the World Wide Web, thus weaving a pool of talents from any part of the continent.

The virtual business aspect of it might be permanent or temporary that makes use of expert employees. Small businesses act as contractors that will collect the product or a service that will later be sent back to the company for repackaging until it will reach the target audience or consumers. The law of leveraging is incorporated in this concept. Even the raw products or services came from a remote place; it will still be met halfway by using technology. However, the down side is, the services are promising and high quality but they can only be paid in a reduced amount.

The company will have an advantage with cost savings and will be focused on the core business. Cost restructuring will be made possible in terms of fixed costs and variable costs. It will have an improved quality and increased acquisition of intellectual knowledge that are contract-binding. Operational expertise will be answered by the outside party as well as access to a larger pool of experts especially in science and engineering. Being a catalyst for change is something to be proud of. Capacity management will be answered by the supplier and not the outsourcer.

When the company is confined within its four walls, they might be closed for change. However, when this business phenomenon is utilized, there will be greater chances of innovation. It will also give the company a reduced time to market as well as excellent commodity analysis. Venture capital will benefit the country of those with small businesses and will eliminate worry about risk management because of better mitigation. Tax benefit will also be a bonus from the receiving country. Scalability, revenue, and liability are also vital in keeping up with outsourcing. Lastly, companies might as well make use of this innovation to increase their leisure time to reduce time for work. Through this, employees and businessmen will both enjoy time and freedom and will feel rewarded for a job well done.

Andre B. Reynolds is a leisure writer who enjoys sharing information about building janitorial services Los Angeles and janitorial companies in Santa Monica as well as other interesting topics.

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