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5 Things Your Virtual Employees Require

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

In the 21st century it is increasing becoming common to have employees located all over the globe. Most internet marketers outsource some or all their tasks to virtual employees. And an employer should meet the needs of employees for maximum productivity. Some people think that virtual employees have no needs, but that is not the case. Here is how you can become a darling of virtual employees without going bankrupt.

Give them Freedom. Most entrepreneurs have brought the offline office mentality online. They want their virtual employees to report to work at a specific time and work for specified hours. Whereas that may not necessarily be bad, you are diluting the sweetness of telecommuting. A virtual assistant may have been attracted to the concept of working from home with the flexibility of managing working hours. So when you bring restrictions, you kill the freedom and the lure of internet marketing. Give them realistic targets. To have a balance of freedom and productivity, you need to have realistic targets. The employee can manage his time well knowing that he needs to produce and the kind of quality required. You could have a virtual assistant posts 15 articles daily; answer customer queries within 24 hours of receipt; update blogs and handle refunds. As long as all the targets are met, then you should know you are getting value for money. Provide standards. Standards are good because they give employees guidelines on how to handle each situation. It may be counterproductive to the person to refer to you over every small matter that arises. Given the time differences in different continents, this may clog the whole system frustrating customers and your online employees. So if customers' refunds standard is within 24 hours, don't criticize them for doing it within one hour. Neither should make noise over how an issue has been handled yet you tackled it exactly the same way two months ago. Allow meaningful input. The fact that you have a virtual assistant in a third world country with a difficult name to pronounce does not mean that the employee is totally ignorant and must be direct on every move. Allow them to provide suggestion, ideas or comments; do not treat them like robots. In fact, you need to hold regular brainstorming sessions; you may be surprised at the ideas that will emerge. Communicate well. The working relationship will be far better if you communicate well both verbally and through chats. The key to communication is consistency and regularity. Tell employees why certain decisions have been taken. Explain how you have arrived at the instructions you are giving. This shows respect and confidence in your employees.

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