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Kayaking to the Secluded Beaches of the Caribbean

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178

One part adventure and one part relaxation, kayaking out to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean is fun the entire family can take part in.

One of the great luxuries the Caribbean Islands give us is the seemingly never-ending beautiful beach real estate surrounded by tranquil crystal blue waters, ready to be conquered. When you go out on any adventure, you - of course - want to go somewhere rewarding, right? Well, if your family is looking to explore the waters in search of fun and excitement, rent a kayak and go kayaking to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean.

All you have to do is choose your favorite beach

Kayaking is a great activity for any type of family. For most journeys no prior experience is required, as it is a fairly easy activity to pick up. Plus, the mostly calm waters right off the coast of most islands make kayaking a challenging endeavor while at the same time not too strenuous for the novice explorer.

Two of the most prized secluded beaches the Caribbean has to offer are Anguilla's Little Bay and Montserrat's Rendezvous Beach.

Kayaking to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean: Little Bay

In Anguilla, rent one or two person kayaks at da'Vida and head east from the shore. Make sure to bring along a bottle of water or two, as there will be no services once you get to your destination. The trip from the shore to Little Bay is about 20 minutes and the whole journey is encapsulated by peaceful gliding along turquoise water and the magnificent coastline of Anguilla.

Once you arrive on the shores of Little Bay, there are as many activities to do that you can think of. The calm waters lend themselves well to snorkeling. You can also lie under the warm Caribbean sun and spend the day relaxing, or if you're feeling really adventurous, you can climb up the rocks behind you (about 20 feet high) and jump into the waters below. That will surely add some adrenaline to your day!

Kayaking to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean: Rendezvous Beach

We couldn't have a conversation about kayaking to the secluded beaches of the Caribbean without talking about Rendezvous Beach in Montserrat. Rent a kayak at either Scuba Montserrat or the Green Monkey Dive Shop and set out on your way! Make sure you bring water with you here too, as there are no services on the beach.

Once you and your audacious family arrive to Rendezvous Beach - the island's only white sand beach - there is a very good chance you will have the entire beach to yourselves. The most popular activity to do here is snorkeling, thanks to the calm waters and amazing coral formations. You can also bring along a variety of beach sports and activities to make your day exciting.

Just the right amount of fun and finances

Kayaking to the secluded beaches in the Caribbean is fairly inexpensive, with rentals ranging from $10 per hour for a one-person kayak to $60 per day for a two-person kayak. The paddling will wear you out and enliven you all at once, and the little break of fun and sun at the beaches will bring your day together and ensure a truly memorable family adventure.

I'm a trip consultant, planner and manager who loves creating unique intercultural adventures for families. I want to impart information,tips and personal experiences especially related to family adventure travel. Please contact me to help you in planning your travel adventure.,

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