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April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 168

If you have been working for quite some time in an office but no one is noticing your work then, you may start to think that you are not giving your 100 percent and you will start spending more time in your office without realizing that spending time in your office will not work for you.

This is not about the amount of time you spend in office, it is always about amount of time, that you spend in doing actual work. If you have not heard about personal productivity before then, you must be wondering that what actually personal productivity is.

Well there is no hard and fast definition available for personal productivity but you can define it in your own ways because it all depends upon your personal circumstances but in this discussion, I am going to tell you in a more general way.

Learning is a life time process - Learning never ends and this is a universal truth. No matter, where you work and what you work but you will constantly need to learn new and innovative things.

If you are doing an office job then, there can be different software tools which can help you to boost your work. You can learn from your senior colleagues, you can learn from your overall organizational culture and so on. There are endless possibilities of learning because there is a lesson available to learn in almost everything.

I have seen people who often feel contented with their knowledge which is a wrong gesture to show because if you started to think that you have enough knowledge and you do not need to learn more than new comers who will have some extra and new skills will beat you in your field.

Modesty is another thing that teaches you to be contented but that is also part of our learning process that you should never leave the thirst for learning new things but you also should be very modes in your approach and do not be a show off in your skills.

Achievements often bring declines in people's lives. This is normal trend but you can change that trend for you because achievement is a thing which you boost your courage and you should excel even more in your field.

This also has direct connection with your learning skills because when you feel contented after achievement and stop learning then, you will face a decline right after that achievement. You should not decrease the hard work after some achievements and keep learning as much as you can to make that achievement more concrete and to get more achievements like that in future.

Organizing yourself personally is part of personal productivity

Organizational skills also play an important role in making yourself more and more productive. The best example of anyone's organizing skills is his or her working desk.

If you see too much hassle on the table then, you will get an idea that person is not properly organized and he or she needs to work on their organizational skills. There are special courses and lectures being delivered upon personal organization because you can increase your throughput by making you more organized and disciplined.

Your personal organization shows and depicts your thoughts that how composed and how focused you are. If you are personally organized and well-disciplined then, people will get a very good idea about you and will take you as a successful and realistic man.

If you want to define personal organization then, you can define it like this "Personal organization is planning your things and making these things to work when they are most needed."

Most important thing in personal organization is to develop a concrete and solid system to implement but the hardest part is to act on that system because it often happens that you can make your rules and a proper system for making yourself more organized but after a while, you forget about those rules and your life comes back on same unorganized routine. This practice should be avoided and you should try and make things count.

You need to have two things if you want to organize yourself which are goal and plan but just having them is not enough. You need to follow these things and organize your deeds accordingly.

Time management is important pillar of personal organization

You can think of time management as the ultimate management of your life. Time never stops and it keeps on flowing. All you can do is to utilize that flowing time effectively. Have you ever thought of such questions as where you will be after 5-7 year in life?

Where you want to take your career? Do you prefer to watch 3 hours of television in a day or you will prefer to work for 10 hours a day? All of these questions are not very hard to answer but if you are finding them difficult to answer then, you have some serious issues of time management.

You can find more insights and groundbreaking results about personal organization in this book Personal Productivity

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