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Get Organized in 15 Minutes

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

Maintaining an organized and efficient home or office doesn't have to be daunting. You can do it in 5 to 15-minute chunks. Keep this list of small tasks in a notebook or post it on a wall or bulletin board. Whenever you find a few spare minutes during the day, choose one or two tasks and make good use of the time.

IN THE OFFICE: • Clear the clutter from your desktop.• Return supplies and file folders to their proper homes.• Revise and rewrite your daily to-do list. • Start a box for things to take home. • Go through and organize a small pile of paper. • Pick anything up from the floor that doesn't belong there. • Scan your email in-box for items to delete. • Read a short newsletter or article. • Update your voice mail message. • Make a list of phone calls you need to place or return. • Jot down a few ideas for your next business meeting. • Open, read and sort the day's mail. • Organize receipts. • Go over and update your Outlook task list. • Pull out one or two overstuffed file folders and check for possible discards. • Review a project checklist. • Water the plants. • Organize a desk drawer. • Stretch your muscles. • Take a quick walk around the building. • Make an overdue phone call. • Transfer contact information from business cards to your computer. • Check over your calendar or appointment schedule. • Write a thank you note. • Practice deep breathing. • Create a mission statement. • Enjoy a healthy beverage or snack. • Take stuff to the building's recycling center. • Organize your briefcase. • Relax and think beautiful thoughts.

IN THE HOME • Shake out all your throw rugs. • Clean out a kitchen drawer. • Wash the mirrors and glass on framed artwork. • Organize potting supplies in the garage. • Sweep out the garage. • Go through your hanging clothes and pull out six things for charity. • Put a load in the washer and start it up. • Clear off the front of the refrigerator or the bulletin board. • Check the pantry or refrigerator for expired foodstuff. • Organize your purse or briefcase. • Wash the dishes. • Clear off the seats and floor of the car. • Make the beds. • Fill a bucket with water and vinegar and wipe off the window sills. • Get out the vacuum and sweep the blinds. • Sort through catalogs and recycle. • Pull articles you want to keep from magazines. • Check coupons and gift cards for expiration dates. • Wash the fronts of all your cupboards. • Return CDs and DVDs to their cases. • Pull off the couch cushions and vacuum inside the couch. • Check the medicine cabinet for expiration dates. • Check all your battery run clocks to make sure they are still running. • Put scattered books, magazines, catalogs into a basket or bin. • Wash the bathroom, kitchen and entryway rugs. • Wash off the refrigerator shelves. • Clear out everything under the beds and vacuum. • Sort through kid's school papers and artwork. Put keepers in a folder. • Make a shopping or grocery list. • Take a walk, a shower or a nap.

Mary Sigmann is a Certified Professional Organizer® and business coach, providing custom solutions including hands-on home and office organization, one-to-one coaching for executives and staff, and workshops and seminars for companies, organizations and corporate teams. Her full range of books and professional services can be viewed at

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