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The History of the White Water Canoe Sprint

January 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

We take a look at how canoeing started as a sport and how it has developed from the Inuit People to become an Olympic discipline. The one name that is synonymous with canoes and kayaks is the Scottish barrister John MacGregor, he was the first European to use an Inuit Kayak for transportation. MacGregor was also the founder of the first kayak club, aptly named The Royal Club of London in 1866; this was established in London because of the interest and access to Europe.

MacGregor decided to organise the first canoeing competition, this was held in 1869 and created great interest in the canoe and kayak designs for this new sport. The canoe sport became popular all over Europe and spread to America where in 1871 the New York Canoe Club was established.

The sport of canoeing became a worldwide sport when it was officially introduced as an event in the 1936 Berlin Games, the Canoe Sprint was born. Women had their own category introduced in the 1948 Olympics. The acceptance of the Canoe Sprint as an Olympic sport, created the need for the British Canoe Union which was formed in 1936 for the Olympics. This union was created so that Great Britain could send a competitive team to Berlin and hopefully bring back medals, this did not come to pass, but the foundations were formed so that future medal hopes will have support and training.

The Olympic Canoe Sprint has changed a great deal over the years, this is due to the improvement in standards and the technology involved in building canoes and kayaks, so that each individual has the same opportunities.

The upcoming 2012 Olympics in London has released their canoe and kayaking programme will consist of 12 events, eight of which are men and four of which are women. There is a new sprint that will feature in the Olympics for the first time; the 200m event, this is sure to be fast paced and high-octane fun for the spectators. This will be in the mens and women's K1 events. The 500m races will include the K1, K2 and K4 for women's while the men will race in the K1, K2, K4, C1 and C2 over the 1000m course. The Olympic Canoe Sprint medals have been predominantly won by European, this shows the influences that MacGregor still has when he set in place the foundation of kayaking in 1869 with the first competition.

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