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What Is Hypnosis And What Benefits Can It Provide?

May 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

People who are struggling with changing old habits often find themselves asking one question: "what is hypnosis?". Hypnotic techniques have achieved a great degree of renown thanks to various stage acts and television personalities, but many ordinary citizens still have only a rudimentary understanding of the real nature and value of this ancient process. For those who need help changing their lifestyles, it can be helpful to better understand this process.

This technique has been recognized by official medical organizations for its value in assisting patients who suffer from a variety of ailments and inhibitions. Though popular culture has presented the hypnotic state as one in which the hypnotist ends up with an almost magical ability to control a patient's response to outside stimuli, the actual effects and benefits of this process are much more limited in scope.

There are a variety of ways to induce a hypnotic state, but most share some common characteristics. In almost every instance, the focal point of this process involves the patient's efforts to concentrate on one central target such as a pocket watch, a coin, or a flashing light. While focusing on that object, the patient is encouraged to relax and clear his mind.

The most common hypnotic states have been reported as inducing something best described as a sense of deep relaxation. More advanced hypnotic states may involve an altered state of consciousness in which a patient is only tangentially aware of his body. Regardless of the level of hypnosis achieved, the hypnotist helps the patient reach a state where he or she becomes more susceptible to life-changing suggestions.

Suggestions or instructions given to patients during the hypnotic state remain in the patient's mind after he returns to full consciousness and awareness. In some instances, he will be completely aware of the suggestion. In others, his subconscious will be aware, and respond when introduced to the appropriate suggestions. In this respect, the responses engendered by stage hypnotists are fairly accurate portrayals of reality.

This technique has gained some renown in recent years as an effective way for patients to enjoy self-healing or facilitate lifestyle changes. For example, many pain patients have pursued this therapy option as a way to reduce reliance on strong pain medications. While under hypnosis, the patient can be instructed to ignore pain in particular areas of the body. Many studies have confirmed success using this methodology.

Other patients enter the hypnotic state so that they can alter their behavior. For instance, smokers can receive subconscious suggestions that will cause them to experience reduced cravings for cigarettes. Overweight people can use the hypnotic state to strengthen their resolve during their waking hours, and avoid fat-inducing foods or learn to adhere to nutrition and exercise programs.

Though there are few studies that have confirmed these benefits in the way most doctors prefer, there is mounting anecdotal evidence that supports the technique's usefulness for a variety of medical and behavioral needs. As a result, the use of hypnotic therapy has enabled many people who previously wondered, "what is hypnosis?" to make fundamental changes in their lives.

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