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Using Hypnosis To Eliminate Pain

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

Many people suffer chronic pain, pain is part of the human condition and even if it is not on-going everyone has headaches, dental procedures, and other forms of pain. The good news is you don't have to always rely on drugs to deal with the pain. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis have been used far back into antiquity to control pain.

Everyone Needs Pain Control At Some Time In Their Lives

75% to 80% of all adults, at some point, will have lower back pain from strains or other injuries. Millions more suffer from arthritic pain, and still more millions have chronic headache. Not to mention those who suffer pain involved in surgery and still others who suffer the pain of debilitating or terminal illness.

This pain will be either of short duration such as recovering from a surgical procedure or a broken bone or longer term chronic pain such as pain associated with cancer. Most people deal with the pain using drugs and doctors are very willing to write prescriptions for pain killers. This is at best a temporary solution, using pain killers in any other way can lead to addiction and dependence. The sad part is very few people understand that there is a drug free alternative, hypnosis.

How Effective Is Hypnosis In Dealing With Pain?

Hypnosis has been used to treat all of the forms of pain mentioned above. In Studies, even patients with severe pain as with advanced stages of cancer require fewer pain killers to control the pain. This allows them to have greater comfort and none of the anxiety of the drugs. Less severe pain can often be completely controlled by hypnosis.

Hypnosis also helps in an area that you wouldn't think about. It reduces the nausea and vomiting in patents undergoing chemotherapy.

With short term pain the best approach seems to be using hypnotic suggestions that focus on anxiety reduction and lowering the importance of pain. In the case of chronic, long term pain, it works best to confront the pain directly. In this case the hypnotist should deal with both the physical and psychological effects of the pain.

Hypnosis is also of great help with patients undergoing surgery. Hypnosis can be used both before and after the operation. In some cases operation have been done with only hypnosis for pain control. When hypnosis is used in an operation it reduces nausea and it increases the speed of recovery. This thereby reduces the length of the hospital stay and therefore lowers the hospital cost. Also there are no side effects of using hypnosis, it does not require increasing dosages that lead to drug dependence, hypnosis retains its pain control ability. With drugs, the pain control might go on for years at an ever mounting cost. Whereas, learning hypnosis is a one time expense and the procedure is learned and can be used at no additional cost to the patient while reducing or completely freeing themselves of pain.

Does hypnosis always work?

Using hypnosis for pain control can help everyone at least some. Depending on the patients susceptibility to hypnosis and their ability to relax they will achieve greater or lesser results. There will be those who find complete relief from their pain, those with a significant decrease in their pain, those which will get an initial reduction but need to have the treatment reinforced, those with intermittent relief, and finally those who still experience pain but have only a 10 to 30% reduction.

Hypnosis is a second to none pain control method, however no method, hypnosis or drug, is effective all the time. Yet, hypnosis has proven it's ability to reduce or eliminate all types of pain and it does this magic without side effects.

Mike Griffin is a hypnosis expert. For more information on controlling pain check out Scripts for Self-Hypnosis, visit

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