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The Best NLP Books

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 196

I remember back in spring 2006 when I first discovered the field of NLP. I was looking for something to change my life at the time, but I was not sure what it was yet. All I knew is that I needed to improve my life. I was fed up with the feeling of anxiety, depression and anger. It was then I, by a coincidence, first stumbled upon NLP. I was watching a seminar on TV and the speaker said something about how you can control your feelings with NLP. This was my first meeting with NLP. However, before change occurred I was disappointed, again. Let me explain..

Some NLP books suck

The first thing I did, was: I rushed out to buy myself a couple of NLP books. The first book I read, which name I will not mention, didn't fulfill my expectations at all. I found it to totally lack the techniques and tips I was looking for.

After I did some more research into the field I learned which authors was writing the best NLP books. I finally found the individuals who were really assisting people in creating huge personal changes in their lives. While reading some of the best NLP books on the market, I remember having the amazing realization that; "WOW! I can control my feelings". And that's what I started doing. From that day one my life turned into a totally different ride.

If not me, who? If not now, when?

It feels a bit weird to share this with people now, because I think it sounds a bit funny. The truth is that today it's totally obvious to me that I am responsible for how I feel and how I handle my life. Just for the record, I've experienced some serious challenges in life, just like everybody does from time to time. But as I learned: It's not about what happens to you, it's about how you handle it.

The best NLP books has tools I can't find in any other books

Though the field has some similarities to cognitive therapy and other self development methods, NLP is the most effective method for my challenges I have ever come across. When it comes to powerfully improving peoples lives NLP is just amazing. So amazing that some psychiatrists I've worked with don't even want to hear about it (!)

So how can you easily find the best NLP books for your particular needs? First of all, do some research. Read a review or two online. The quality of the books on the market are varying. Unfortunately, some people are "only in it for the money". Personally, when I'm gonna learn something new, I always try to learn from the best.

The Best NLP books - Conclusion

To find the best NLP books you want to look for a couple of things: First of all, find an author with lots of experience. Then, read a review or two about the books so that you know they will fulfill your expectations. And finally, Take action on what you learn. I could add a fourth: "Join an NLP course with some expert in the field", but that's for you to decide. Remember, NLP is not about theory so much as it's about taking action.

Thanks for reading my article. Have a great day and good luck in finding the best NLP books of your choice!

Robert Helle Health Care worker and student

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