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Self Hypnosis And The Sub-Conscious Mind

February 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

Self hypnosis is an outstanding tool for applying the law of attraction. By focusing on the sub-conscious mind, you are in effect "re-programing" your belief system. Many people have created harmful belief systems by default over the years and need an edge which allows them to get "right to the core" of their own created limitations. This is because it is impossible to achieve anything beyond what we believe we can or deserve. Imagine attempting to use the law of attraction to "manifest" an abundance of wealth into your life effortlessly, for example. Now if you hold the belief within yourself that money is hard to get and you must suffer, toil, and labor to deserve it. How can you possibly imagine having all of the money you desire without first satisfying this belief? Deep down inside you will be doubting the fact that you even deserve any money, let alone and abundance of it! And you will not be able to birth the necessary feelings of love and gratitude for wealth as a result, which leads to self-sabotage, and ultimately failure.

The sub-conscious mind treats all beliefs as commands and will draw upon every possible resource to produce them for you. The law of attraction is fueled by your beliefs or "faith" which play no small part in the manifestations of your life through your sub-conscious mind, and the universe itself. If your conscious and sub-conscious are not quite "on the same page" then you are in trouble. This is when using sub-conscious re-programming techniques are of extreme benefit.

Auto-suggestions are also very useful for singling out and correcting residual and harmful mental faults. For many, a simple session twice a week for 30 days is enough to cure old undesired habits such as nail-biting or tobacco use. The frequency and duration depend wholly on how ingrained the undesired belief is within your psyche. This principle applies to buried feelings of unworthiness and negativity as well.

Another exciting use for self hypnosis is in goal realization. By placing the proper suggestions into your session you can train or "convince" your sub-conscious mind that you DO have and deserve whatever it is you are suggesting to it! From money, to the confidence to date beautiful women, what your sub-conscious believes you BECOME. Altering your beliefs not only results in the miraculous attraction of your desires, but will also change how you feel and act immediately, even before you receive them! Opportunities will abound where only bleak disappointment used to be and your world will suddenly be overflowing with possibilities!

Discover how to apply the law of attraction in your life today! The secret is OUT, and the power is YOURS, click the link below to learn more!

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