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How to Hypnotise Someone Using Conversational Hypnosis

February 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

There is no other topic that sparks an interest in people as mind control. This subject sparked numerous debates in the mid 1900s, especially during the cold war. Many techniques to achieve mind control included sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, social pressure and other methods. However, these approaches were doomed to fail. Still, it would be awesome to control a mind using only everyday conversation. You can do exactly that by learning how to hypnotise someone using conversational hypnosis. You will be able to put a subject into a hypnotic trance without them suspecting a thing. World renowned master hypnotist Jim Katsoulis has written extensively on the subject, and his educational course, "The Truth About Hypnosis," is widely acclaimed.

Building a proper rapport with your subject is essential for success with learning how to hypnotise someone using conversational hypnosis. He explains in detail some of the common mistakes people make in developing rapport. One of these is the lack or absence of a genuine interest. Your own body language sends out signals that show your boredom or disinterest. If this is the case, your subject will not respond in a positive manner. You must be genuinely interested in the other person, and show them respect. Then they will feel comfortable enough with you to open up and share their thoughts and feelings.

When studying how to hypnotise someone, you will learn that relationship dynamics are subject to change. Another rapport mistake is being inflexible in that relationship with your subject. One's status may change throughout a relationship. For example, a teacher has a higher status than a student, but the teacher may still learn something from the student occasionally. You should be willing to adopt a submissive role for a short time to gain the trust of your subject. This means that sometimes you will be the underdog in the relationship, and at other times you will be equals. Eventually you will be the authority figure like the teacher who needs that status to effectively teach her student.

Learning how to hypnotise someone teaches you the difference between wide rapport and deep rapport. The best example is that of a student and his favorite teacher. They may have wonderful in-depth scholarly conversations in an academic environment (deep rapport), but if you see them in the grocery store or at a party, there is nothing to say. You feel awkward because your rapport is contextualised. You ought to develop wide rapport which allows you to have different experiences in different environments.

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