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How Can I Learn to Hypnotize People?

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

Hi there,

Want to know how to hypnotise right?

So let's take it from the very start, what is hypnosis?

Wow, this is going to be boring!

No actually it is not, it won't be a history class, trust me, I will just try to remove some of the hype around hypnosis.

The thing is, hypnosis is widely misunderstood, thanks to Hollywood! everyone now thinks that in a hypnosis session, known as "trance" will go to sleep, and do stuff he doesn't want to, against his well, and that a hypnotist is that bad guy who can control every one with magic and stuff!

Wow I'd love that!

But unfortunately, I can't do that, and no one - at least a hypnotist - can.

So why is that widely misunderstood by people, besides Hollywood of course, the thing is, some hypnotists like it that way!

Yes actually, some hypnotists like to keep it that way so people think that when they learn how to hypnotise they will get super powers to do what they want.

That being said, hypnosis has a tremendous power, actually I can't give it its proper explanation, classic or covert, specially covert hypnosis, it is a set of techniques that you can use to put anyone in a trance without him even knowing that, and get him to THINK an idea you want, as if it was HIM, cool, ha?

Long story short, I will leave you now with one of my pre-talks with a client of my sessions, hope it clarify some of those misunderstood concepts:


Welcome to my office, I realize that you came to me today to help you lose weight with hypnosis.

Well, first let me tell you a little about hypnosis, unfortunately there have been a lot of misleading illusions, maybe created by the media or misinformed former clients of hypnosis, let's correct that first, some people argue in the reliability or even the existence of hypnosis, I will give you a little disclosure about the history of hypnosis but let us not get drifted of what we are talking about, some people say that hypnosis does not exist, or they can't be hypnotized, well actually hypnosis happens in every day of our lives..!

You may be thinking right now.. every day in my life.. how?!!

Well.., you know that when you are driving for a long distance that you are hypnotized..! yeah you are hypnotized, it is called ALPHA state where you are not fully unconscious, but not fully conscious either.., when you are driving for a long distance, your mind has tuned out all the unimportant things around you, your focus is on the road right now, but you are conscious enough to take proper and immediate actions if anything happened, some car trying to get past you for example.. right?

Also, when you are reading a book.., you are actually hypnotized, you may read more than 100 page in 2 hours or maybe more, without even realizing it, when you look at the time later you say, no, that can't be right!I haven't been reading that long..!

Have you ever attended a class for some teacher.., that only listening to him put you in a state when you felt like you want to just.. sleep!

Or at least put your head on the bench in front of you, and close your eyes.., surprise, you were in a hypnotic state!

You know what also.., why are most of the athletes plug in their headphones while doing exercises..?

It helps them get past time quickly.. is that possible? A given amount of time is a given amount of time, you can't get around that can you? But most athletes plug in their headphones, turn on their favorite tracks, and hear it while exercising.., right? Yeah as you might be thinking right now, it helps them "NOT" to feel the time.., so that actually is.. HYPNOSIS..!

Also it is the same case while playing video games.., what is your favorite video game by the way? mine is "football manager 2011"..

When you are playing video games, you GET IN that game.., you may even sometimes see yourself as the hero in this game, but the important thing is, you are getting in that game, when you are enjoying it, and could play for more than 5 hours, and also realize that when you see the sun rising from your window and say, WHAT!! How long have I been playing?!! Right there.., right there this was just a hypnotic state which we call "ALPHA" as I mentioned earlier, of course if something were to happen, the battery of your gaming console runs out, the ps3 controller needs to charged.. or even someone calls you from outside, you would know, so you are not fully unconscious, but not fully conscious either.. right?

You are spending sometime on your computer right?? You know that even when doing that you may be hypnotized? You may get into the important letter you are typing for your manager.., or the important email you are typing to send it to your friend about what the last night was like.. or even when you are chatting with your friends..!

But if something were to happen, like the phone rings, you would answer it intelligently.. right?

Now, do you realize that hypnosis, that science some people are still arguing in its existence, has been around for over two hundred years..?!

Yeah, it was for the father of hypnosis Franz Anton Msmer, for whom the Mesmerism was called after, he was born in 1734, he was a doctor, and believed that there was a quasi-magnetic fluid in the very air we breathe and that the body's nerves somehow absorbed this fluid. As a doctor, his main concern was how to effectively treat his patients, and he considered disease to be caused via a blockage of the circulation of this magnetic fluid in the blood and the nervous system. Curing disease would, in his view, involve correcting the circulation of this liquid.. Initially, he used a magnet, and later his hand, which was passed over the diseased body in an attempt to unblock the magnetic flow. The hand (and later the eyes) was believed to unblock the fluid by increasing its amount and flow as his hand passed over the affected area. The term 'animal magnetism' was born, and the procedure referred to as Mesmerism.. in his 81 years he lived (he died in 1815), he has done a lot in the field of hypnosis and disease curing in general.., but the term hypnosis or hypnotism was not created nor used by Franz or any of his pupils that time, they were calling it "animal magnetism" or the "Mesmerism", the terms 'hypnotism' and 'hypnosis' were coined by James Braid (1795-1860), a Scottish surgeon working in Manchester. He found that some experimental subjects could go into a trance if they simply fixated their eyes on a bright object, like a silver watch.

He believed that some sort of neurophysiological process was involved and that hypnosis was very useful in disorders where no organic origin to the problem could be identified (e.g. headaches, skin problems etc.) He showed that a single stimulus (e.g. a word or an object) was enough to re-hypnotize his subjects. No-one knew how the process of hypnosis 'worked', though there were several theories put after that..

Well, without further ado, I'd like you to know that you may be aware of everything I say during the session, and that's ok, because you are still in hypnosis.

So know that it is ok for you to be aware of what I am saying to you, so I need you to relax, because as I told you just right now.., you are still in hypnosis, you can have an extremely effective hypnosis session while being aware of and able to recall every word spoken by the hypnotherapist.

Also it is ok if you were to fall asleep during the session, because even despite being asleep and your eyes being closed, your hearing is not.. your hearing works as a surveillance camera, which takes information constantly.., that was discovered out by several groups of researchers.""

I will spare you the rest of the session, sorry for being boring after all!

Hope that helped, see you next time.

Stay hypnotic not hypnotized!


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