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Getting The Most Out Of Conservatories

December 20, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 166

Adding conservatories and orangeries to your property has rapidly become popular. One of the reasons why many homeowners prefer adding a conservatory is because of the additional beautiful look it can inject in their homes. Looking at your home from afar with its new conservatory or orangery will make it look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Another major reason cited by many new buyers is that a new conservatory has many different functions and options available. This article will explore the different functions that can be fulfilled by a new conservatory, and more generally how you can use and a design a conservatory to get the most out of it in a family home.

Conservatory Uses

A conservatory or an orangery is very versatile. Whatever your living needs are, this room should provide for those needs.

You can turn it into a living room area, for example. What makes a conservatory different from traditional living rooms is that more light is coming in the room. The room looks inviting especially during the day. You can enjoy staying in this room, reading a book or hanging out as if you are outdoors. Install glass panels for your orangery or conservatory and it will give you a nice view of the outdoors.

You can even have a traditional living room with fun games, television, music and entertainment all in one place, with the difference that it will be light and hot throughout the day, and it will double a reminder for any little ones that the outside does exist.

Aside from a living room, a conservatory or orangery can also be used as a greenhouse. If you are a self-confessed gardening addict and you have a lot of precious herbs, flowers, orchids or bonsais that require proper sheltering, this room should provide you with an indoor type of garden. It is the perfect setting for delicate plants.

If you use a conservatory as a greenhouse, you are creating an entirely new dimension to your house. Your house can now be used for in-season vegetables, indoor gardening, and a pleasant-smelling place to relax during the heat of summer.

Artists can use a conservatory to get lots of inspiration. The light makes it perfect for observational artists and photographers, with everything wonderfully illuminated at all times.

The place can be converted into a recreational room, which tends to be functionally similar to a living room. The difference is that with a recreational room there is more pressure on space, with things to consider such as the size of the parties you will be throwing, the presence of table football or small pool tables, and the ease with which you can move around the place.

As an arts and crafts space for kids, it combines great parts of outdoors and indoors, meaning your children can play in a beautiful and inspiring environment that is also safe and easy to keep an eye on. With all that glass, you can even keep an eye on them from outside.

If you are thinking of getting an indoor pool but still want to have a great outdoor view, consider having your pool installed in your conservatory. This can save a lot of money on pool heating.

There is no doubt that when it comes to room functionality and versatility, the conservatory has a lot to offer. Buying one to add value to your house is a good idea, but to get the most out of a conservatory yourself, get creative. Conservatories have a lot to offer, be sure to consider all the different ways you could use it before committing to just one.

Types Of Conservatories

A myriad of designs for conservatory and orangery can be chosen. If you are after a quaint, somewhat traditional look but do not want your house to lose its vintage appeal, you can opt for Victorian or Edwardian style conservatories.

When it comes to making these room extensions, the builders do not really follow a certain blue print. They might offer your Edwardian or Georgian styles of conservatory, but it depends on what you really need. The builders are always giving options to their customers. Home-owners have a large say in how the conservatories will look like. You can opt for a Victorian style conservatory or orangery but you can also choose the sections or the bay fronts that will be included.

Hardwood orangeries are another popular option. As opposed to a UPVC orangery or conservatory, they look more inviting. It gives an aesthetic appeal that cannot be achieved by other materials. Hardwood is also a durable material. It can resist wear and tear and does not require a lot of maintenance. When setting up an orangery, consider building a hardwood orangery if only for its design and longevity. Hardwood orangeries are also natural, and often blend in better than UPVC orangeries.

Bespoke conservatories are yet another option that is often offered. These are less traditional and more customised conservatory designs. If your extra space does not have even land, or you are looking forward to maximising whatever space you have available, this should be the best conservatory style option for you. It allows the builders to maximise the space available while maintaining the look of the room. This design or style may be unique because it follows the structure of your home and your available space.

This sort of fluid design work means that the potential of your conservatory is even greater, and the conservatory becomes still more versatile.

Finding Conservatory Builders

Actually finding reliable builders is important. Finding builders for conservatories shouldn't take too long, though, since this industry is thriving. Be specific about your space and style needs. Do not be afraid to point out the things you want in your conservatories. Also consider going for a hardwood orangery since it blends well with most furniture, adds beauty, and lasts for a long time.

Iain Jenkins writes articles for David Salisbury, professional builders and designers of bespoke wooden orangeries and conservatories. David Salisbury are able to create products of the highest quality, and their expert team of designers will create conservatories designed for your home.

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