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Take Networking to the Next Level: Stop Participating and Start Leading

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

Everyone will tell you about the value of networking for your business, I'm not here to do that. I want to speak to those people who find themselves at networking events, talking to the same people regularly and wondering where the value is.

If you've met some good connections and built up a network you're probably wondering, what next? Networking shouldn't be repetitive, it shouldn't just be a social chat. If you're getting nothing from it, if the events aren't as relevant as you feel they could be, do something about it.

The advantages of building your own community as opposed to just participating in others are numerous. While it is a time consuming occupation, if it goes well it can become a whole new source of income or business for you. You can become the go to person for that industry, and raise your profile immeasurably if your efforts are a success.

Bill Boorman is a recruitment industry expert who has done just that. Bored with sit down conferences and Powerpoint presentations he started his own recruitment meetup called the "unconference". His use of social media to network and promote his events made them successful and there is now a whole community built around him. He is regularly featured in recruitment industry publications and has a significant profile as a result.

A quick search for Manchester business events will show you there is a thriving networking scene, particularly within digital and media sectors. This community didn't just spring up, it was started by individuals who wanted to meet likeminded people and share ideas. Take Social Media Café, for example. It was set up by Julian Tait and Martin Bryant who met online and realised they shared a desire for an actual physical meet up which would allow members of the digital industry to share their experiences. It is now a very successful monthly event, and Julian and Martin's profiles have risen hugely from it and they are now key parts of the North West (and UK's) digital scene.

It can sound time consuming, and perhaps if you find it a bit daunting enlist the help of a friend or fellow industry professional and split the duties. Think about the venue and time - the more accessible and crowd pleasing the better.

Don't be put off if it doesn't take off overnight. Talk to people and get feedback, find out what people want from an event use all the tools at your disposal to promote it.

Events Manchester is your one stop hub for discovering business, cultural and sporting events in Manchester and the surrounding area. Whatever your need or interest, Events Manchester will point you in the right direction. Visit for more information.

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