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Shipping To Romania - Important Considerations

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 121

If you are planning to move to Romania, you are definitely going to need services of international freight shipping companies. Every country has its own rules and regulations with regard to importing goods from other countries. So, when you choose a shipper, make sure that the worldwide shipping company is knowledgeable about the requirements of shipping to Romania.

There are different kinds of shipping methods that you can choose from and most of the good worldwide shipping companies offer choices in shipping. If you need to ship a car to Romania, you should choose a company that offers roll on, roll off service. In this kind of shipping, your car is driven into the container and is help in place by means of ropes and braces. The car is driven off when the ship docks in Romania. The car is then driven into a truck or placed into it and taken to the place where you require in Romania.

When you ship your car to Romania, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure that the fuel in your tank is only filled to one-fourth of its capacity. This is important because fuel is required for loading and unloading operations. On the other hand, excess fuel might cause hazards to the entire container. The risk of a fire breakout due to leaks cannot be ruled out. Do not place any documents or other objects in the car when it is being shipped. Ensure that the insurance of the car is valid. International car shipping companies offer insurance as well. You can choose for this insurance, if you car insurance does not cover damages during shipping. International car shipping insurance should cover damages caused from the time the car leaves your premises until the time it reaches the places where you require it to be delivered. The insurance is also supposed to cover theft of the car during shipment. If the car gets damaged beyond repair, cost of replacement of the car should be borne by the worldwide shipping company.

Prior to sending your car for shipping, you need to take your car to a garage and ensure that pollution guidelines of Romania are met. Romania follows Euro 5 and 6 pollution guidelines. The upper limit of emissions is 1000 mg carbon monoxide for every kilometer. This rule is applicable from 2011 January to 2014. It is being suggested that European Union standards after 2014 will be further reduced to 500-mg per kilometer. So, check the emission levels of your car and if repairs are required, get them done prior to shipping and ensure that the emission criteria are met.

Before the ship takes off, you need to sort out various important aspects such as taxes involved in worldwide shipping and the tariffs. Make sure that every cost is accounted for. You will not want to pay additional money as hidden costs. Import duties should be important criteria to consider. A number of international freight shipping companies offer custom brokerage facility, which is very desirable since it rids you of custom formalities. So, choose a company that offers comprehensive services and ensure the safety of your goods.

The author is an expert in the area of Shipping to Romania and International shipping companies, The author runs premier cargo and freight shipping company and experience in this trade.

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