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Secrets on How to Build a Million Dollar Marketing Business Within 12 Months

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 140

There are 3 keys that separate successful Information marketers from the rest. The three most important factors for your success are. 1 Marketing Research, 2 Continuity Income, and 3 Marketing Systems to generate new customers.

Market Research - Know who your potential customers are. Researching your market and interviewing potential customers is the shortcut to launching a profitable business quickly. Do adequate research to know what your market wants. Don't waste time and money creating the wrong product for your market niche. The shortcut to success is to do the proper research. It will help you create the right product and the right marketing message the first time.

Continuity Income - Continuity income is money that you receive on an ongoing basis. Like from a newsletter, subscription service or membership service. You could charge $29 a month to receive a newsletter every month or $97 for a yearly subscription or $299 to receive personal coaching. Monthly continuity programs can be very profitable to you as an information marketer. As you generate new customers you're able to increase the numbers you have participating in your continuity income.

The power of these programs is in providing monthly cash flow for your business. If only 5% of your new customers participate, then every month your monthly continuity income will continue to grow. Start every month of the year with customers already buying products from you with monthly continuity programs. You start each month billing customers credit cards so you can provide the newsletters, services or products you've promised these customers. It's a great way to start the beginning of each new month, with revenue already in the bank.

Marketing Systems to generate new customers - You must build a marketing process, a funnel if you will, that generates new customers over & over again if you want to be successful. This process generates leads and those leads go into a sales system that helps potential customers learn about you and how you can solve their problems before inviting them to make a purchase. You must build rapport & trust first. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Once they've made a purchase from you, the sales system invites them to make other purchases. That helps increase the value of every customer. Plus in addition to their purchases, you invite these new customers to participate in your monthly continuity programs so you can grow your monthly income as well. You must create an automated process to generate new customers every month from a variety of sources.

You need to have a marketing funnel that helps put new customers into your business on a continual basis. With these three keys 1 Market Research, 2 Continuity income and 3 Marketing systems that generate new customers you can build an information marketing business and live the life you've always dreamed of and deserve.

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