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Moving Forward When Faced With Objections - Three Easy to Use Tips

April 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Moving Forward with Objections

Objections can stop a negotiation in its tracks or cause a sale to go flat. However, this doesn't have to be the case all the time. There are three simple techniques you can use during a negotiation or a sales call to help you move forward with objections.

1. Listen Closely for Concerns

Most customers don't actually use the word objection and many salespeople miss the fact that their customer had an objection because it was phrased as a concern. This is a very common mistake made while negotiating or on sales calls and easily rectified!

For purposes of being consistent with what actually happens in a negotiation or on a sales call, I am going to replace the word objection with concern in this tip. Since your customer is more likely to use this word, you will be more likely to hear it and respond appropriately.

2. Be Prepared for Why Customers Have Concerns

Concerns are a normal part of any selling process. If you hear a concern, your customer is probably thinking one of the following:

· I don't know this person

· I don't like this person.

· I don't trust this person.

· I don't see the value yet.

· I don't agree with what was said.

· This person is not listening to me.

· I don't like change.

· I don't need to change.

· I don't understand and need more information or clarification.

If a concern arises, it is not always a signal that the sales call should end. A concern could mean that the customer feels confident that you will be able to resolve the issue and wants to get involved in the dialogue.

We usually recommend that you be concerned when customers don't raise any questions or concerns. Customers might not share their concerns if they don't feel that there is an answer or if they don't feel comfortable with you. They may think that you, your company or your product are not worth the effort!

3. Control When You Hear Concerns

When salespeople are not ready for concerns, they don't always respond in the most professional, customer-focused way. They may even get defensive and focus on protecting themselves in the dialogue. It is in your best interest to check in during your sales call and see if there are any unresolved concerns or questions. Control when you hear the concerns and you will find you are able to resolve them easier and stay in the selling process. Often, concerns surface after you have presented an idea, a solution or a closing statement. When preparing for sales calls, plan to stop the dialogue at different points to see if the customer has questions or concerns. This puts you in control of the process and leads to an overall better dialogue.

I hope these tips help you in your next negotiation or sales call.


Linda Berke

Linda Berke is President of Taylor Performance Solutions, Inc. a New York based consulting and training firm. The Taylor team specializes in providing fully customized training to support business and individuals when they want to increase sales, enhance service, improve in-house training and develop strong leaders. All training and coaching solutions are designed to bring immediate business results and help you exceed your goals.

For information about how the TAYLOR team helps professional improve their negotiations or selling skills, you can contact Linda at (800) 610-8170 or linda @

Visit the Taylor web site at

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