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Older Model Hummingbird Feeder - Modifying Its Feeding Ports To Reduce Nectar Spills and Insects

July 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Recently we bought an older model inverted-bottle hummingbird feeder at a garage sale without examining it closely. Its topside quart-size inverted bottle is heavy-duty glass, and it hangs by a heavy metal strap around it. But afterwards, we noticed its eight feeding ports were merely small holes on the flat top its nectar basin. These holes almost touched the liquid nectar beneath them. No insect guards were over them at all.

Because no real airspace existed between these ports and the nectar beneath them, this nectar could easily spill onto the feeding platform. The resulting insects landing there could easily stick their heads down into these shallow openings. In order to use this feeder successfully in our insect-prolific yard, we had to add guards to these ports.

Two choices of how to do so

1. Buy pre-made guards. The commercially available mesh guards available from certain stores and the Internet are constructed primarily for their name-brand feeders. They probably will not fit onto the simple ports of this older feeder. We could have also purchased two new four-port feeders that already had the guards we could use, if they would fit on the old one okay. But what is the point of buying new feeders to make an old one work?

2. Make our own guards. This approach seemed most practical. That is, we inserted drinking-straw-like tubes into these older ports in question. The final installed tubes projected upward above the ports where they provided a lengthy tubular port for the birds to feed from.

Items used

One narrow plastic straw (about 3-mm wide); e.g. an individually wrapped coffee stirrer from a large hamburger chain; free

Fine marking pen

Fine ruler


Electric drill with assorted bits


1. Find a hollow straw or coffee stirrer that will fit snugly into the port holes in question without slipping, in our case, a 3-mm in diameter one. Or, find one slightly wider than the ports diameters, and then drill out the ports for a snug fit. Note: if the final straw width is larger than 3-mm, insects could enter the nectar basin through them.

2. By using the ruler, marker, and scissors, cut the straw into eight unequal pieces, from about 5-to-10-mm in length.

3. Insert each piece into a separate port, leaving 3-to-8-mm of it sticking above the port. To keep the nectar from rising into the tubes by capillary action, try not to insert them down into the nectar itself. The idea here is to keep an air space between the top of each tube and the surface of the nectar.


The varied lengths of the port tubes allow the birds, big or small, to choose the feeding-port depths they might prefer. At this time, our birds have used several of them, which they figured out how to do on their own. For instructions on how to make a feeder having an apparent airspace between the feeding ports and the nectar, see this website.

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