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Chickadees and Birdhouses

July 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

Chickadees are tame and brave little fellows, doing acrobatic tricks in the woods. They have been known to land on a person's head to pull the hair out by the roots to take back to build their nests; and if one sits still enough they are also willing to take food out of ones hand.

Chickadees are easily distinguishable from other "little brown birds" by their black cap and bib, and bright white cheeks. Though tame, they will defend their nests, and have been known to actually spit at a person's prying eyes!

Chickadees of one species or another inhabit most of the United States. There are black-capped chickadees common in the north east; carolina chickadees common in the south east; the boreal chickadee, which lives from New England, through Canada to Alaska; the long-tailed chickadee which lives from Iowa to Texas to southern Alaska; and the Oregon chickadee, found in Oregon.

These birds have been known to excavate their own nests or to move into abandoned woodpecker nest sites. Thus, as cavity dwellers, they are right at home in birdhouses. In addition, they are non-migratory, so they are frequently found at feeders during the winter.

They eat bugs, larvae, moths, spiders, suet, berries, and seeds.

Chickadee birdhouses should be placed 5-15 feet in the air. They should receive 40-60% sunlight and the openings should face away from prevailing winds. Place a 1" thick layer of wood shavings into the box to simulate a woodpecker home. (Don't use sawdust, nor cedar chips, nor any treated woods.) Chickadees prefer having large trees around, nesting at the edges of the forest and open areas. Chestnut-backed chickadees, in particular, like to be near streams. Note, however, to never mount a birdhouse directly over water. If the baby birds fall or jump out of the nest and land in water, they will drown. The openings for chickadee birdhouses should be 1.125 inches in diameter.

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