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Tips To Reduce The Expenses In International Litigation

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

Business disputes are very common and businesses have to face litigations many times. As long as the litigations are confined to domestic area the expenses can be controlled very easily. The real problem occurs in case of international litigation where the court proceedings occur in a foreign country. It becomes too hard to predict the expenditure of such cases as there are many inherent uncertainties attached with them.

Businesses will always need legal advice and representation in courts, both domestic and foreign. Therefore, it is important that you know all the techniques that can help you in keeping down the expenses of a legal case. In this post, I have focused on the issues of international litigations and present to you some tips that can help you in reducing the expenses of an international litigation.

  • The Jurisdiction strategy should be decided from the Outset: Jurisdiction has and will always be the threshold issue for both plaintiffs and defendants while dealing with an international litigation. If the other party challenges the jurisdiction on the grounds of foreign non-conveniens or the jurisdiction is really unsuitable for either party then the expenses can soar up without any need for it. Further, such cases also tend to drag on for long durations. It is very important that you first understand the law of the foreign region before you get involved in any litigation there. Make sure that you find a lawyer who understands such situations very well and could offer you expert advice in this matter.
  • Minimize your travelling expenses by using technology: The information technology has moved way ahead in the past decade. It has interconnected the whole world thus making it very easy for everyone to communicate and stay connected with their business and family personals. You should use communication tools to talk and exchange information with your lawyers and other related people. The video conferencing tools such as Skype Video and Apple's Face-time are very effective in arranging instant meetings with clients over the internet. This saves you from all the expenses, legalities and documentation associated with air travel. Further, you can now easily exchange and share documents via collaborative document sharing software and cloud technology. However, you must also understand that nothing can take the place of face-to-face meetings but expenses can be greatly reduced by properly using the available technology.
  • Document Translation: If you have ever been involved in domestic litigation then you must know that document production is very costly. This cost increases exponentially when the same case is an international litigation. This occurs because the documents are required to be translated to or from the foreign language. The translation rates are usually very high. This cost becomes humongous when you need to translate thousands of documents. In order to reduce the cost of document translation, you can outsource the job to a firm based in that particular country. The overall saving will be highly significant and will reduce the overall expense of the litigation.

The cost of international litigations are always very hard to determine therefore it is always better to apply as many cost saving methods as possible while being engaged in such a case. This will help you in controlling the expenses right from the beginning of the case.

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