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Is An Initial Consultation With A DWI Attorney Free?

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 111

Most drivers who have been arrested for DWI may intentionally not consult an attorney to avoid paying for anything. However, this can be extremely risky as the state of Texas is raising the stakes for any individual who will be charged for DWI. The penalties that one may face are even stricter if they have had prior convictions, if their blood alcohol content was found a lot higher than the legal limit and if there were accidents, injuries or deaths caused by the accused. However, to those are truly concerned and prepared to defend themselves and their rights in court can contact a DWI attorney for a free initial consultation.

This free service is mostly offered by DWI attorneys but with a time limit usually of half an hour. Not only does this give any person who has been charged with DWI a chance to know someone who will be crucial for their current situation but also will allow them to do so without any commitment. 30 minutes will be enough time to explain potential DWI charges and court proceedings clearly to the driver as well as throw in a few advices during the initial appointment.

Most DWI attorneys offer this free initial consultation lasting for 30 minutes as it would be wrong to make any individual pay without knowing what they will get in return. Any driver recently charged with DWI should take this offer to be able to make a determination based on their own judgment on whether or not they need a DWI attorney and who exactly they will need for this hearing. Of course, you will have to understand that part of their job is to manage time wisely so they can only allot a limited amount of time to consult free of charge. To make sure you can get the most out of this, remember to ask the following important questions.

Try to ask them about their experience in handling DWI cases and practicing law in general. Of course, in those cases, were they able to succeed or when they had done so most recently. Ask them about the extent of this experience such as with jury trial cases and so on. Finally, ask about your DWI case and if they had handled anything like it as each case differs from another and about the major complications they see.

Ask them to give you a written document stating all their potential fees as well and about their malpractice insurance which is mandatory for DWI attorneys. It is also crucial to know if anyone else on their team will work on your DWI case and if they have the same record in terms of experience.

Michael Del Mar submits articles for the expert El Paso DWI lawyer at DWI El If facing DWI charges in El Paso, TX it is important to get the best DWI defense you can afford. For a free consultation regarding your case details, please visit or call (915) 317-1933 to speak with our expert El Paso DWI lawyer.

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