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The Last Justice Is a First-Class Thriller

February 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

It's Black Wednesday, and an assassin has just murdered five of the nine Supreme Court justices while they are hearing a case. A sixth, Chief Justice Thomas W. Kincaid, brandishing a pistol, is mistakenly shot by the police, who think he might be the killer, though it's later discovered "he had surprised the assassin by returning fire," and that "The Supreme Court police officers who mistakenly shot Kincaid had killed the only witness to see the shooter's face." The main suspect of the police and FBI? Security cameras identify the initials "C.B." branded onto someone's neck, but don't catch the person's face clearly. The person whom the cops start to believe has the best motive is, you'd initially think, the one who would be the least likely to commit such a heinous crime - the Solicitor General (SG), Jefferson McKenna. The belief is strengthened when McKenna flees, leaving dead bodies in his wake. But, did he murder the Supreme Court justices, or is someone trying to set him up?

This is the scenario that talented author Anthony J. Franze (a successful lawyer himself) presents in his suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat debut thriller, The Last Justice. McKenna has to prove his innocence and uncover who is really behind the murders while on the run from the police, the FBI, and the people who are trying to frame him and possibly kill him. Also, conservative President Winter, wanting to fill the vacancies on the Supreme Court as expediently as possible, tries to cut a deal with the Congress, "the three-three deal." It's meant, supposedly, to be fair to everyone involved, a way around bipartisan bickering. As Judge Ivan Petrov, a potential nominee for one of the openings caused by the murders, puts how the deal would work:

"It's pretty simple. The administration and the Democratic leadership each would come up with a list of three nominees, and each side agreed not to challenge the nominees on the other's list: hence, the name, 'the three-three deal.'"

The person to come up with the idea? Jefferson McKenna. McKenna, before he becomes a suspect himself, assists with the investigation, going through the cases that the Supreme Court was scheduled to rule on previous to the shooting deaths of the justices. He comes up with two cases that seem to have the most potential to give someone a motive to want the decisions delayed.What's more, Parker Sinclair, a law clerk that winds up dead with his blood on McKenna's running suit and in his motel room, had accused McKenna of taking a bribe from Nash. When Nash is later stabbed to death, that seems to confirm to the police that McKennna is the one who has the most to gain by it.

The Last Justice is an adrenaline-inducing roller coaster ride, full of enough action and chase scenes to please the most discriminating junkies of thrillers and suspense novels. How McKenna manages to evade capture and gather evidence, with the aid of his love interest, Kate, her brother, Aiden, and Aiden's computer-hacking friend makes for a very entertaining read. I hope to read more excellent, action-packed novels of suspense from Anthony J. Franze in the future. If you enjoy page-turning, exciting, pulse-racing mystery thrillers, I recommend checking out The Last Justice today!

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb for

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