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Make Beats Like The Chart Toppers!

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 189

This article will tell you how you can quickly and easily get started making some hot beats on your computer using an on-line beat maker like DUBTurbo.

If you're starting out as a producer or want to make a beat and have done some research on how to make rap or hip hop beats you will see that although there is a lot of information on forums, and some advice but there's is not really a step by step guide for the newbie to get started.

Most on-line discussions and advice about making beats revolve around major production programmes like Logic Pro or Cubase, these can be hard to get your head around and take a long time to figure out if your a starter.

Usually to make the sort of beats that you hear in your favourite tunes you would need a recording studio or years in practise and experience using professional music sequencing software to get the same king of quality.

This is where you can run into problems, of course if you have the money and the time to learn all about music production then it could be the start of your new favourite hobby, however sadly a lot of us are not in that position.

Which leads us to the question: "How can I get started making beats fast?"

I get these kind of questions all the time. How to make a rap beat? What are the best sounds and sample to use? What is the best software to make beats in?

Well you may be in luck as there is a new software package that is getting a lot of attention from young producers as well as professionals.

It is called Dub Turbo and the reason that it is proving so popular is because it gives you a complete solution to start making your own beats from home with ease! You don't have to waste time looking for great samples or looking for advice on how to make a good bass sound using complicated software.

If you think of other products on the market for instance you have Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Fruity Loops and Ableton which are good desktop music studios but they will cost you an arm and a leg and you need to know about music production or to have done a music technology course to even get a simple tune out of them!

I've been working in the music industry and producing urban beats (rap, hip-hop, breaks, dubstep and drum and bass) for a while and I've invested a lot of money and effort in trying to make beats and tunes like the chart toppers and I use to tell everyone who asked me how I make my beats that it isn't easy and takes a long time until I discovered DUBTurbo.

Dub Turbo is the first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that sites on your desktop and gives you all the functionality of a real recording studio at the click of a finger!

The interface is user friendly and really doesn't require a lot of knowledge about music production to make a simple beat in minutes. It's really easy to use.

Looking for the best samples for rap and hip-hop beats can be a long and often expensive process but when you sign up for DUBTurbo you get 1000s of high quality samples (worth hundreds of dollars) from a lot of different genres to choose from.

The best thing about this is the sound of the beats that you will be using. They have been recorded in a proper recording studio so they sound amazing!

When you have made your tune you can easily export your studio quality sounding track, ready for the clubs.

You can also make any sort of music that you want. You can make rap or hip hop, dance music, R&B, drum and bass the possibilities are endless!

If you've been to a club and wondered how to make your very own studio quality beat with out the hassle of investing years of experience, this is the solution for you.

So to start making your very own studio quality beats in just 10-20 minutes check out DUBTurbo! Click Here!

Joshua Christopher James 2.1 B Sc (Hons) Commercial Composition and Music Technology Univeristy of Hertfordshire Graduate 2009

Source: EzineArticles
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