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Understanding the Basics of DJ Systems

December 02, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 125

To become a good DJ, you must have the necessary set of equipment to bring out the best tunes. With the availability of online classes, books and DVDs providing knowledge of DJ systems, learning this musical style has become easier more than ever all you need is time. To be a successful DJ you must have knowledge of DJ hardware such as DJ mixers, DJ CD players, turntables and the like.

Let's look at the basic DJ systems required by any DJ to get started. A DJ will require at least two turntables to get started. The turntables are used to mix, play and scratch music before it's started. The DJs also require microphone stands to place their microphones conveniently so that they can bring out the sound of music and be able to communicate with the crowd effectively. Nowadays wireless microphones are popularly used. This is because they eliminate the use of wires and cables on the dance floor providing that freedom to move around without the fear of tripping.

DJ mixers are a must have. They are used for mixing and matching beats. DJ CD players are used in the place of turntables. They can be used to provide the source of music to be mixed.

With a vast majority of DJ systems available it can be hard figuring out which one is the best for you. For instance, one should be able to choose the right decks that will be able to withstand the vigorous scratching. There are two types of turntables, that is, the belt drive turntables and direct drive turntables. The belt drive turntables are more durable than the direct drive turntables though most DJs prefer the former since they have better power compared to direct drive turntables.

Once you have chosen audio interfaces with the right inputs, setting up your system would not be a herd task. Common DJ mixers have only two inputs but some have recently come up with more than two inputs. They have a cross fader which controls the amount of sound coming out from each turntable you can get equal amount of sound from both inputs by leaving the cross fader dead. If you slide it right or left you will get maximum sound on one input and no sound on the other. All DJ mixers have several control systems. They are used to adjust the tones and the levels of each input. The curve control shows how fast the cross fader switches from one input to another.

DJ CD players can be played through the system by plugging them in the mixer. Some complex CD players can be mixed and scratched just like records. An amplifier though not a must if you have speakers, will boost the sound of your music and provide that versatility that speakers do not.

There are a variety of additions that can be included into the DJ system, just to provide the extra effects. These include screens to show video and wireless microphones to provide the sound effects. For the mobile DJs who cover a variety of events in different locations, portable PA systems should come in handy.

Aubry Bailey is the author of this article on Guitar Wireless Systems. Find more information on Wireless Microphones here.

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