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How to Make Dubstep Music - Production Tips

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

So you're interested in producing some unique and hardcore sounding Dubstep tracks? That's all fine and dandy, but before you continue why not sit down, get yourself a cup of coffee and read about these fantastic Dubstep production tips to give you that edge over the competition.

For readers that are not aware and are looking for a starting point, the best Dubstep production software is called DUBturbo.

Once you finish reading this article, it can be downloaded through the website links at the bottom.

A lot of DJ's fall victim to sounding like other DJ's, especially within a genre that can so easily be reproduced. Obviously what separates the boys from the men...or the girls from the women is the creative juice that is invested into each track. In order to give your Dubstep the charm it deserves, let's jump right into the first tip.

1. Take your time on the beats:

Dubstep stems from Drum and Bass, which means that the beats are incredibly important. In fact what distinguishes a song in the Dubstep Genre often has to do with the beat. So take your time and listen to a couple of Pro's work their beats. When you come down to your own beat making process you should definitely take your time. Look at every bar and measure, see if there is something you could do to the beat to give it its own identity. For instance a slight delay on the snare drum with a phaser could give you that slight edge that will separate your beats from the rest of the producers out there. The point is to really scrutinize this aspect of your music as it will be the main distinguishing factor in your music.

2. Learn some music theory:

I'm not saying become Bach, all I'm saying is expand your knowledge in music theory. Why? Because the more you know how to create songs, the more elaborate your songs can be. Many amateur producers stick to the basic major and minor chords and have absolutely no clue about scales. Each scale is composed of individual notes placed in a certain order. Within these scales you can create chords, and by knowing how to use these together you can create sick solos, amazing pads and much more. Take some time and study up a bit on music theory and you and your fans will greatly appreciate it.

3. Pitching drums:

When you listen to Dubstep beats you'll quickly notice that there is a "dirty" sound to the drums. This is because many DJ's actually pitch down their drums. What this does is actually "slows" down the velocity of the "note or drum", but at the same time drops the "pitch" of it. When you drop the pitch you drop the "depth" of the note. For instance you can drop the pitch from a E to a C, which basically shifts the sound and slightly distorts it. Don't do this with every little aspect of your beat but rather find out which specific drums add more depth to your track and help you to sell your track easier.

4. Play with time:

There is tempo and there are time signatures. The time signature will tell you how many "bars you have in a measure". This will limit the amount of notes you can actually place into each measure. The tempo refers to how fast these measures are played. Good Dubstep is dynamic, so don't make your next track all the same...have some slow elements and some quick drops and you'll see that you're production will go to a new level.

You can learn more about how to make dubstep music and download desktop production software from:

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