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Different Types Of Formats and Their Uses

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

So what are the necessary formats for someone thinking of releasing music and how can these formats be used?:

CD Single: according to the Chart Rules a single should be no more than a total of 10 minutes. Even today you might choose to have a radio version on the selection. Ordinarily your single release could also be just one track. A single can be the cheapest means of introducing yourself to an audience because the cost involved in the production process is quite small. One other good thing about releasing a single is that it is a considerably cheaper entry cost for your fans. A 99p download or £1.99 for a CD is less than what an album will cost. For singles you could choose to have it on vinyl 7" or even 12". However for radio play CDs are more appropriate.

EP: An EP is generally a CD with between 2-6 different songs (not different mixes of the same song but different ones). This format could be used as the 2nd means of continuing the process of establishing profitability and a long lasting career. Another use of this could be for promotion for an album campaign.

Vinyl: Contrary to some quarters this format is still very much alive to the music connoisseurs who are still spending on 7" and 12" records. Actually in the UK, genres like Baseline are still kept alive by this format. Also some Indie artists have chosen this format as a medium to increase their fan base and keep current fans happy.

Download: Everyone should use this format because it is the cheapest medium on the market. One major drawback is that after charges the artist is left with less money in comparison to CD sales. Every artist must ensure they have a small store on their site that they can direct their fans to. I have also known of artists being supported by fans even when they charge considerably more than other platforms selling their products.

The main objective here is to make various formats available for your fans and to reach a wider market. One must understand that the way people choose to consume music varies and an individual must think of many ways to get the fans interested in their products.

Finally let's also remember two important factors regarding Downloads and CD's: Downloads are the highest growing music format in the world today and CDs still hold the top spot for the most selling music platform. Besides, DIY artists make more money per CD than any other format in this day and age!

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