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3 Tips To Help Artists Select Their Record Labels

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

Many recording artists are confused when it comes to signing recording contracts. They think that they are successful when they sign their record deals.

The Start Of The Journey

An artist's journey is just beginning when the artist signs a recording contract. The path of the journey depends if the artist is successful or not.

Success Is Never Guaranteed

A record label might do a great job promoting and making music, but the label's artist is still unsuccessful. No artist is guaranteed success in the music industry regardless of the record label that the artist decides to sign with.

It Could Be The Artist's Fault

Artists might be the ones to blame for their failures. Many recording artists do things like:

  • Refuse to promote their music.
  • Do not complete their albums by their deadlines.
  • They are not talented enough to create a large amount of good music.

Artists and their managers should always take into account all of their options before signing a record deal. Every recording artist should follow these three tips:

Record Label Decision Tip # 1: Priorities

Your record deal is worthless if you are not a priority. Artists sign recording contracts to become stars. Artists do not get record deals to watch other artists on the same labels become stars while these artists will never sell one album in their lives.

You Know The Truth

It is important that you are a priority. You should know that your career is a priority on any record label before signing the recording contract. If you are not a priority on your record label, you will never be successful, since you will not have an opportunity to prove yourself as a star.

Record Label Decision Tip # 2: The Plan

The music executive that you are working with must have a plan for your success. A music executive's vision and belief in your music are not good enough.

Strategies Make Artists Successful

The record label must have a detailed plan to make you money. You will only hurt your career signing a recording contract if the record company does not have a plan to put money in your pocket. You are signing a record deal because the record label's staff consists of experts at making money in the music industry.

If music executives do not know how to make money with your talent, they do not understand the purpose of owning a record label.

Record Label Decision Tip # 3: The Contract

You will not get a great contract in most situations especially as a new recording artist, but it should be fair.

What Do You Mean By A Fair Contract?

You should make a lot of money if your album release is very successful. Some recording artists' contracts are so horrible that they are still in debt after selling millions of records. These types of contracts are not fair.

If a record company believes in your talent, you should not accept a horrible contract offer. No contract offer is a fair contract if you do not make money when you are very successful as a recording artist.

Lucien Beaubrun is an entertainment business strategist that specializes in helping music industry businesses successfully build their brands. Visit my link for more business education on the music industry.

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