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3 Question to Ask Yourself Every Month

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

In order to achieve this you must continually strive for excellence and improvement by continually asking the right questions that will ensure progress.

So here are the questions you could ask every month, either in your board meetings or to yourself personally:

- Am doing all I can to exploit the opportunities I have? Every business has opportunities. I am sure you also have a great deal of opportunities open to you. The businesses that succeed simply exploit the opportunities open to them on a frequent basis. It will surprise you how many people I meet who need money but constantly go to bank and get turned down but they have a rich uncle that could help. However, they just did not think about it until our conversation. The question again is are you taking advantage of all the opportunities you have? As an artist what can you do with that venue close to your house? What can you do with that song that everyone likes?

- Am I on course for the level of sales I need? A good business has set goals especially in the arena of sales. The amount of sales you are making will impact the money you can draw in. According to research by John Oszajcafrom Music Marketing Manifesto, most artists do not sell any music at their gigs. As a matter of fact when I have been to see some artists' gigs they are neither collecting names nor selling anything. Yet the same people will complain about not having money. The obvious question is are you selling enough? Why not? What can you do to increase your level of sales?

- Do I have enough money to do what I want to do? Money is an important element of the music business and there are many ways to actually get the money you need. The best and cheapest form of money is the income generated from sales. This is the first area you should desire to work on to get the money you need. Another area is investment. This is where someone gives you money (fans, family, friends) or they invest for a future profit. The other way is borrowing from a financial institution and paying it back with interest. This obviously is the most expensive way of getting money.

Having enough money will take a lot of planning and thought. Invariably it could mean taking on a business partner that has money or can raise money. Whichever routes you choose to follow consider that the best money must come from sales activities. Ultimately even those who invest or lend money to you want to be assured that you are able to generate sales!

Boomy Tokan a Music Business Expert says there are many ways to make money with your music and build a lasting career in the music business but you need to have the business "Know How". Visit for a free Music Business Management course Now!.


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