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Guide to Etiquette and Manners in Different Countries For Business and Students

April 06, 2010 | Comments: 0 | Views: 443

World Passport for Global Managers Author: Walter Vieira ISBN: 9788178061849 Pages: 168 Price: INR 150.00

The book 'World Passport for Global Managers' has been written purposely to acclimatise those who keep moving or are inclined to move from place A to B or from one country to another for business, study or travel. And what does it familiarize us with? The book includes practically all important basics about the characteristic behavior, etiquette and manners practiced in day-to-day life by people in different countries. It makes us aware that a custom accepted at one place may not be so elsewhere. It may even be a subject matter of scorn.

Why learning such mannerisms has suddenly acquired importance? Simply because being unaware could hurt host's sensibilities and create bad vibes between the host and the guest. Take the RIGHT FOOT forward. Moreover, globalization is pushing businesses into every corner, taking people along in the process. Tourism is another factor attracting billions of men and women to distant lands, different cultures. People mingle with one another. Faraway, when you meet someone you ponder how to greet, how to receive, how to speak, what to say, how to eat, where...? Different language, different manners stand as verbal barriers. You think of millions of questions but no satisfactory answers.

Each chapter is loaded with information that is guaranteed to make us take on the world confidently.

This book will motivate you to read more, observe more and learn more, about the different ways in which people do things and how they are different from one another. The knowledge gained will be helpful in behaving appropriately in varied situations. Basic theme being -'show consideration for others'. Remember etiquette is connected to success -especially on the global platform - 'manners maketh the successful man'.

The author Walter Vieira helps stop all such mental pounding by presenting in a lucid and lively language his first-hand cultural observations, acquired over 4 decades of working across continents, and prepares us to understand subtle nuances attributable to various country customs and mores. This book tells you how to behave in varied circumstances. Smart tips in verbal and non-verbal communications, business etiquette, human skills etc., hone our sense of civility for ultimate business success. Ideally suited for people in IT, BPO, KPO sectors and others who move in cross-cultural societies.

Binay Srivastava

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