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Packing Materials Lists

October 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 210

The main reason why people tend to be apprehensive about moving homes is that it entails packing everything in the home, transporting it and then unpacking it in the new home. The entire process of packing when moving homes is a long winded and tedious process that requires a lot of investment of time, effort and money from the individual or family making the move. Apart from the investment that goes into packing, there is also the matter of some items being lost or damaged during the move. This can not only result in financial loss but also the loss of something that is particularly cherished.

If you have plans to move your home in the future then, in order to streamline the process, you should make sure that you take care of the packing phase of the process in the best way possible. The success of your packing endeavors would primarily depend on how well prepared you are i.e. what packing materials you use.

Consider the following list of packing materials that you should have before you begin packing.

  • Boxes of multiple sizes and types:

The most important packing material that you will need, before you start packing, is boxes in a wide variety of sizes. It is important that you get different types and sizes of boxes because different items in your home will be of different dimensions and, hence, would require different shapes and sizes to fit into. 

You can find boxes in your local hardware stores or even on the internet through packing material providers. As there are so many different types of boxes in the market, you should also consider how convenient it will be to load and unload the boxes that you buy. For instance, too many bulky boxes can turn out to be a problem for you.


  • Cardboard separators for use in the boxes:

It is possible that you will have many fragile items in your home such as crystal ware or glass dishes. Most people realize too late that, when the boxes that these items are put in are moved, they end up clashing against each other and, hence, breaking. 

Such situations can be simply avoided if you use cardboard separators while putting these types of items in the boxes. Cardboard separators, as the name suggests, would keep them from clashing against each other and therefore cushioning their movement.


  • Mattress covers:

Not everyone likes to take their mattresses with them while moving because these tend to be cumbersome in nature. Furthermore, people who do choose to take their mattresses with them should be careful of the fact that they can get punctured or torn along the way.

If you have also decided to take your mattresses with you then you should look to procure mattress covers before you start packing. Mattress covers can not only prevent any punctures or tears but would also prevent the mattress from being exposed to dust.


  • Bubble wrap, foam, foam peanuts and newspaper:

Bubble wrap, foam, foam peanuts and newspaper can all be used to fill out boxes between various items to prevent them from breaking when the boxes are moved. For instance, these types of box fillings are crucial when you are packing your desktop because desktops cannot handle even the smallest of bumps.

In addition to this, empty spaces in the boxes can result in the boxes themselves folding in or breaking. With these fillings, there would be no empty space in the box and, hence, no tearing or folding. Therefore, any empty space in your boxes should be filled with a combination of these things.


  • Lots of stretch and packing tape:

Boxes should never be transported unsealed. Moreover, it is important for them to be sealed at both ends. It is far too common for people to seal the top end only to find their packed items spilling out from the bottom.

You should take a box and seal its bottom with packing tape before filling it with your items. Stretch tape comes in handy if you have items in weird shapes that cannot be put in boxes. A good example of this would be your skis.


  • Paper labels with adhesive:

Labeling your boxes is something that can significantly simplify the process of unpacking for you. Depending upon your preferences, you can label boxes on the basis of the rooms that they came from or even by categorizing them in various groups depending upon their nature or dimensions. Regardless of which labeling scheme you choose, you should have paper labels with adhesive ready beforehand.


  • Markers or pens:

Labels would need to be written on for the process of labeling each box. Therefore, it is important for you to have a number of markers or felt pens ready so that multiple boxes can be labeled simultaneously.

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